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The FBI puts out a notice on the investigation into the suspicious packages which resembled pipe bombs.

Manhunt for sender of suspicious packages zeroes in on Florida mail center

Despite the seemingly political bent to picking Democrats as targets, investigators haven't publicly identified a motive or said if the devices were bombs.
A new poll from NowThis/PredictWise 57% of young adults believe President Trump encourages violence against journalists.

New poll finds 57% of young adults believe Trump encourages violence against journalists

The poll was conducted on October 23, five days after Trump praised a Republican Congressman for assaulting a reporter.

A retired NYPD detective screening Robert De Niro’s mail realized he’d been sent a pipe bomb after he recognized the packaging from news c...

NYC officials urged New Yorkers to be vigilant in the coming days about unfamiliar packages, and to call police if they see anything suspicious.

John Brennan slams Trump’s rhetoric as ‘un-American’ after bomb scare at CNN, tells the president to ‘stop blaming others̵...

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Wednesday evening made his first remarks after a wave of bomb scares that included one addressed to him. Brennan condemned President Donald Trump's often inflammatory rhetoric toward his Democratic opponents and the news media.

Trump blames ‘Fake News’ media for ‘hateful’ atmosphere after CNN, Democrats face bomb scares

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning after top Democrats and other critics of the president were targeted by pipe bombs addressed to them.

Trump condemns ‘political violence’ after pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats, says ‘we have to unify’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday weighed in on the series of explosive devices sent to a slew of top Democrats and Trump critics, urging Americans to unite against political violence. "I just want to tell you that in these times, we have to unify," he said.
An armored police truck outside of the New York Port Authority on Monday following a botched NYC subway explosion.

A terrorist attacked New York City’s subway with a nail bomb — here’s how the devices work and why his didn’t

Monday's botched terror attack involved a pipe bomb surrounded by nails and screws. Such explosive devices can shoot metal fragments at speeds of 2,000 mph.