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"Frozen II"

The 13 biggest animated movie openings at the US box office of all time

"Frozen II" had a huge opening weekend at the domestic box office over the weekend, but it's not the biggest.
Disney Plus launched on Tuesday.

This is what using Disney’s new $7-a-month streaming service looks like

Disney's new streaming service has movies, TV shows, and shorts from the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, "Star Wars," National Geographic, and more.

All the Pixar films and shorts you can stream on Disney+ — from ‘Toy Story’ to ‘Inside Out’

Here are all the Pixar films and shorts on Disney+ exclusive to subscribers, including classics like "Toy Story" and "Monsters, Inc."
Jamie Foxx voices the lead character in new Pixar film "Soul."

Watch the trailer for Pixar’s new movie ‘Soul,’ a heartwarming story about a New York jazz musician

The film will focus on Joe, a band teacher voiced by Jamie Foxx who's forced to confront his dreams after falling into a fantastical place.
Edna Mode was voiced by "The Incredibles" creator Brad Bird.

21 actors you probably didn’t realize voiced Pixar characters

"The Incredibles" writer and director Brad Bird voiced the iconic Edna Mode. See which other celebrities are behind your favorite animated roles.
If you think "The Incredibles" takes place in the 2000s, you're wrong.

‘The Incredibles’ actually takes place decades ago — here’s the moment that proves it

If you thought Pixar classic "The Incredibles" takes place in the present or the near future, you're very wrong.

Apple and Disney are about to shake up the streaming wars in a monumental way

Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus, streaming services created by two of the biggest companies in the world, are launching next month.
Which movie begins with this line: "Life's not fair, is it?"

Can you correctly identify these 10 Disney movies from their first spoken lines?

Whether you've seen every movie hundreds of times or only watched a couple as a child, this quiz will challenge your Disney smarts.
Forky was a brand new "toy" in the latest "Toy Story" movie.

‘Toy Story 4’ director didn’t intend for Forky’s anxiety and imposter syndrome to be deeply relatable: ‘It’s kind ...

"It kind of made me sad that people think, 'I get that character, that's me,'" Josh Cooley told Insider about the anxiety-ridden spork from the film.

This beautiful book set on Disney legend Marc Davis goes behind the scenes on beloved Disneyland rides — with rare images and interviews with Da...

This new book set on Disney legend Marc Davis is an awe-inspiring look at the Imagineer's Disneyland rides. We talked to authors Pete Docter and Christopher Merritt.