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A doctor on the flight allegedly asked for an emergency landing three times and spoke with the pilot, but the flight crew never attempted an early landing.

Frustrated American Airlines customers are slamming the carrier after it canceled more than 600 flights because of a technical issue

PSA Airlines, a regional carrier owned by American Airlines, canceled 675 flights between Thursday and Friday due to a technical issue, American Airlines confirmed to Business Insider. On Thursday evening, Twitter users expressed their frustration with how American handled the cancellations.
The first Boeing 737MAX 7 at Boeing's Renton, Washington factory.

The incredible history of the Boeing 737, the best-selling airliner of all time

Boeing has sold more than 14,700 of the 737 planes over the past 50 years, making it the best-selling airliner in history. It recently delivered the 10,000th 737 ever built to Southwest Airlines.
Marrakesh Menara Airport has stunning architectural features, like this glass dome.

The 14 most beautiful airports in the world

The world's most beautiful airports are located in major cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong and smaller destinations like Incheon, South Korea.

The Southwest plane that blew an engine, causing one woman to die, could be put back into operation

The Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 that was involved in a fatal emergency landing in April was flown to Victorville, California, for storage on Thursday. A Southwest representative told Business Insider the airline had not decided whether the aircraft would return to service.
Delta Air Lines introduced the new uniforms in late May.

Delta’s new uniforms are giving some flight attendants rashes

Dellta Air Lines' new uniforms are causing discomfort and beginning to fall apart for some employees, Chicago Business Journal first reported. The most common problem has come from an apron strap that irritated the necks of some flight attendants.

The 19 worst airports in the world

Your flying experience doesn't just depend on what airline you're flying with — but also what airport you're flying from. AirHelp has named and shamed the worst airports in the world in its annual AirHelp Score.

A plane crashed and killed at least 2 people in Long Island

A small plane crashed off the coast of Long Island in New York on Saturday, CBS New York reports. According to the station, two of the four passengers on the plane have been confirmed dead, while the other two were missing as of Saturday evening.
While many travelers tune out safety briefings, pilots understand how important they can be.

Pilots reveal the things they notice when they fly as passengers that you probably miss

Airline pilots are trained to be attentive when they're on planes so that they will notice details that slip by most passengers.
The Southwest Airlines passenger's marijuana cigarette reportedly set off a fire alarm.

A Southwest passenger forced a plane to land after smoking in the bathroom

A Southwest Airlines passenger forced a flight to land after smoking in one of the plane's bathrooms. Southwest told Business Insider that the passenger was met by law enforcement and turned over to local authorities after the flight landed.
The HondaJet Elite has improved range, noise reduction, and avionics.

Honda unveiled a new jet that’s faster, more efficient, and can fly farther than anything in its class

The HondaJet Elite has a range of 1,437 nautical miles, a maximum speed of 486 mph, and a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet. The jet also has noise-reducing engine inlets and a speakerless, in-cabin sound system.