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Eli Edwards claims he heard Cam Newton offer a man $1,500 to switch seats with him so he could have more legroom, but the man declined.

NFL star Cam Newton reportedly tried to pay a fellow passenger $1,500 to switch seats with him on a flight but was refused

The man who captured the incident on camera told Business Insider that the Carolina Panthers quarterback "pretty much shook it off."
Yemen's Houthi movement forces are seen during withdrawal from Saleef port in Hodeidah province

A drone attack at a Saudi Arabia airport killed one person and wounded seven people

The Houthi rebels from Yemen, who are backed by Iran, attacked an airport in Abha, Saudi Arabia. They have been fighting an Arab coalition since 2015.
A first-class seat on Singapore Airlines.

The 20 airlines with the best first-class experience

The aviation research firm Skytrax announced on Tuesday the winners of its 2019 world airline awards.

The 20 best airlines in the world for 2019

The consumer aviation website Skytrax announced its 2019 ranking of the best airlines in the world on Tuesday.

A key question about emergency maneuvers could throw a wrench in Boeing’s plan to get the 737 Max back in the sky

The crank on Boeing's 737 Max allows a pilot to change the vertical angle of the plane's nose, according to The Wall Street Journal.

From Elon Musk to Bill Gates, here are all of the notable tech billionaires who jet around the world in private planes

Having a private jet for quick and easy travel is valuable for high-powered executives and investors, including Bill Gates and Larry Ellison.
"Snakes on a Plane" (2006) is perhaps not the best film to watch during your flight.

10 of the worst movies to watch on a plane

Though some of these have high ratings, they're perhaps not meant to be enjoyed at high altitudes. Here are movies you won't want to watch on a plane.
A Boeing 737 Max.

As Boeing’s problems mount, there’s still no clear answer about when the 737 Max will return to the skies

Neither Boeing nor the FAA has given a clear, public indication of when the 737 Max will receive approval to resume commercial flights.
Some of the students who received a private Delta Air Lines flight to Richmond, Virginia.

Delta sent a private plane to pick up 41 students after a canceled American Airlines flight left them stranded in Oklahoma City

Employees of Delta Air Lines heard about the group's problem and reached out to the airline's headquarters.
I flew Southwest Airlines for the second time in my life in October.

I flew on Southwest Airlines to see how it compared to Delta and United — here’s what I found

I flew Southwest Airlines for the second time in my life as I traveled from New York City to St. Louis, Missouri in October 2018.