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Flight attendants are highly trained in safety procedures.

A flight attendant explains why you don’t want to hear the phrase ‘easy victor’ on board a plane

You'll never hear the captain say it out of the blue without any warning.

A JetBlue passenger was kicked off a flight and arrested after hitting a crew member because she didn’t want to sit next to a child

A 32-year-old JetBlue passenger was forced to leave her flight and arrested in Florida on February 14, according to a local police report.
A Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I

Lufthansa reportedly sued a passenger after he purposely missed a flight

The German airline Lufthansa sued a passenger in 2018 for failing to board the final leg of his flight from Seattle to Oslo, CNN reports.

A British Airways pilot saved the day after a plane bounced off the runway thanks to strong crosswinds

A recent British Airways flight from Hyderabad, India, to London, UK, appeared to bounce off the runway while landing at Heathrow Airport.
Two American Airlines flights were cancelled as a result of the incident.

A woman wearing just her underwear shut down an airport in South Carolina

The woman forced Florence Regional Airport to close for nearly an hour after making her way onto airport grounds.
American Airlines confirmed to Business Insider that a pilot was arrested at Manchester Airport on Thursday morning after being suspected of excessive alcohol consumption.

An American Airlines pilot was arrested after he was accused of being drunk at an airport in England

An American Airlines pilot was arrested at Britain's Manchester Airport for possibly being drunk, the Associated Press first reported.

Airline passengers are furious after government shutdown sparks hundreds of flight delays

The government shutdown has resulted in delays at major US airports due to a shortage of Federal Aviation Administration air-traffic controllers.
TSA employees have been required to work without pay during the federal government shutdown.

TSA workers are reportedly living in their cars and not taking medicine because they can’t afford it

Transportation Security Administration employees are feeling the strain of a partial federal government shutdown that has reached its 34th day.
Flying doesn't always have to be scary.

8 ways to combat your fear of flying, according to experts

In-flight anxiety is a very real struggle, but that doesn't mean you have to give up going on planes altogether. Instead, try these tips.

A Southwest flight caused an airport in Nebraska to close after it slid off the runway

Southwest Airlines Flight 1643 slid off the runway at Eppley Airfield in Omaha on Friday, the airline confirmed in a statement to Business Insider.