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There is now a Singapore district with a zero-waste masterplan – and it’s banning plastic straws and single-use items at its events

There is even a Telegram chat group for residents to share leftover food with others.
This is the last straw for Gen Z.

Chains are spending millions to ban plastic straws from their restaurants — and according to a survey of over 1,800 young people, it’s pro...

Generation Z widely views plastic waste as an important issue for restaurant chains to combat.
The average lifespan of a plastic bag is 12 minutes.

In some countries, people face jail time for using plastic bags. Here are all the places that have banned plastic bags and straws so far.

New York is the third US state to ban plastic bags. But the concept is already quite popular around the world.
Police called it a "tussle over straws."

A viral video appears to show a Florida man attacking a McDonald’s employee over a plastic straw

A Florida man became outraged and attacked a McDonald's employee after she informed him of a new rule about plastic straws, police and a witness said.
Plastic straws are becoming taboo. But they're only a tiny fraction of the plastic floating in our oceans.

California just became the first US state to ban plastic straws in restaurants — unless customers ask

California restaurant goers, your days of sipping from a straw are numbered. On Thursday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 1884, a rule that "prohibits dine-in restaurants from automatically providing plastic straws" to customers.