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Tess Holliday tries to be compassionate towards her trolls.

Plus-sized model Tess Holliday says she wakes up every day to messages from people telling her she’s unhealthy

Tess Holliday wrote an essay in InStyle where she said she would rather come from a place of compassion when it comes to judgmental comments.
Lane Bryant carries women's sizes from US 10 to 32.

An unexpected retailer is surging to be more popular than H&M, Kohl’s, and Macy’s

A survey of 10,000 people put Lane Bryant in second place in a list of the nation's favorite premium retailers.

Retailers like J. Crew are ignoring a $20 billion opportunity — and it’s infuriating shoppers

Women’s plus-size apparel is a big business. But many plus-size shoppers still have trouble finding flattering clothing.

The modeling industry is experiencing one unprecedented change

Plus size model Jennie Runk told Business Insider about some of the biggest changes she's seen in her decade-spanning career.

These companies are fighting for a share of the $500 million business Victoria’s Secret abandoned

Now that Victoria's Secret is exiting swimwear, there are other companies that could profit.

The plus-size industry is on the verge of a revolution

Following the launch of Lane Bryant's Christian Siriano collaboration, it's proof that the plus size industry is rapidly evolving.

American Eagle’s lingerie model had a great response to a person who called her fat

Iskra Lawrence is American Eagle's Aerie's spokes model. Someone called her fat, and she fired back at that person.