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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner listen to a translator through headphones at a White House event.

10 of the best podcasts that will make you smarter about politics

Given the high interest level of the public into keeping up with President Donald Trump, news organizations have plunged head-first into podcasts.

15 of the best science podcasts that will make you smarter

Whether you need something to listen to on your commute or want a brain-boost while you clean up, these science podcasts will teach you new, fascinating things.

Superstar Hollywood producer Brian Grazer said he finds rapper Gucci Mane just as fascinating as Picasso and Einstein

"Genius" producer Brian Grazer told Arianna Huffington that he finds rapper Gucci Mane just as "fascinating" as Picasso and Einstein, the subjects of the show.
Daniel Day-Lewis in "Phantom Thread."

Jennifer Lawrence says she turned off Oscar-nominated ‘Phantom Thread’ after 3 minutes

Jennifer Lawrence says she watched only three minutes of the Oscar nominee "Phantom Thread."

Apple buys Pop Up Archive, a sign it’s getting serious about podcasting

Apple is the sleeping giant in the podcast world, with some estimates saying the Cupertino company drives as much as 80% of all podcast downloads.

More Americans are listening to podcasts regularly — but 40% still don’t know what they are

One chart shows the steady rise of podcasts over the past decade.

Apple is slowly killing the iTunes brand

Bye bye iTunes Podcasts.

Here’s why Trump has the power to start a nuclear war any time he wants

A new Radiolab episode highlights the troubling power a president has over the US nuclear arsenal.

Why ‘missing’ Richard Simmons really disappeared, according to his brother

Richard Simmons' brother, Lenny, responds to fears around the fitness guru's public absence, which were stoked by a popular podcast.