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The dog, Fina.

Another dog has died after swimming in a lake infested with toxic blue-green algae

Tamra Massey, a woman from Boerne, Texas, believes her dog, Fina, ate toxic blue-green algae and died.

Deadly poison sarin was detected at Facebook’s offices, but it turned out to be a false alarm

Routine tests for sarin detected the substance in a mailbag at Facebook's offices, according to a Menlo Park Fire Department official.
David Xu was charged with allegedly trying to poison his coworker to death.

A man has been charged with trying to kill a colleague by using a rare, deadly metal to poison her food and water

Security cameras allegedly caught David Xu adding a substance to his coworker's food and drink. Tests showed it was a toxic metal called cadmium.
Thousands of these guys.

Thousands of poisonous toads have apparently invaded a Florida neighborhood: ‘You can’t even walk’

Palm Beach, Florida, is overrun with poisonous bufo toads. There are so many of them it is hard for residents to carry out their day-to-day lives.
Poison can be found in lots of everyday things.

11 everyday things you didn’t know were poisonous

Poison doesn't always come in a bottle marked with a skull, sometimes it can appear all around us in things we see every day.
Best-selling author Sherrilyn Kenyon claims she was poisoned by her husband for three years, according to an explosive new lawsuit.

Bestselling author claims her husband poisoned her for 3 years in an attempt to cash in on a $1 million life insurance policy

Sherrilyn Kenyon, author of the best-selling "Dark Hunter" series, made the claims in a lawsuit filed earlier this month in Tennessee.
Poison is surprisingly common.

12 facts about poison prevention that could save your life

Poison can be found in everyday substances. Here's what you need to know when it comes to poison prevention.
Yukai Yang.

A college student has been charged with attempting to poison his roommate and targeting him with racist graffiti

Yukai Yang, 22, has been charged with attempting to poison his former Lehigh University roommate, Juwan Royal.

The weed-killing chemical at the heart of a Monsanto lawsuit was found in Cheerios. Here’s how worried you should be

Environmental Working Group released a report showing traces of the herbicide glyphosate in popular cereals including Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and Lucky Charms. But the chemical likely does not cause cancer in the very low levels at which it is present. That's because the dose makes the poison.
Seymour thought the plant in Little Shop of Horrors was harmless. He was wrong.

The 9 most dangerous plants in the world

Giant hogweed, Monkshood, Castor Bean, Water Hemlock, Devil's Snare, Gympie Gympie, White Baneberry, Birthwort, and Manchineel Tree are all dangerous and even deadly plants. If you find these in the wild, leave them there.