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"Pokémon Masters" is a new game coming to iOS and Android.

The Pokémon Company just announced a bunch of upcoming games and apps, including a new game called ‘Pokémon Sleep.’ Here’s...

A new "Detective Pikachu" is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and "Pokémon Masters" will let you battle legendary trainers from past Pokémon games.

Here’s why you should (or shouldn’t) buy the new Pokémon Go Plus accessory

The accessory that works in tandem with Pokémon Go is great at certain things, but not others.

Everything we know about the popular new Pokémon Go accessory

The new Pokémon Go Plus accessory is designed to work in tandem with the app, taking care of the game's more basic functions for you.

Nintendo’s $35 accessory solves the most annoying thing about Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go Plus works when the app is closed.

This highly coveted ‘Pokémon Go’ accessory is arriving early for some lucky folks

Though the "Pokémon Go" Plus accessory wasn't supposed to arrive until later this week, some lucky people have already received theirs.