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Atatiana Jefferson, who was shot dead by a police officer Saturday.

Atatiana Jefferson’s nephew said she pointed a gun out of a window before a Fort Worth police officer shot her. Her family and the police chief ...

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was shot dead in her home by Aaron Dean, a Fort Worth police officer who has since resigned and been charged with murder.
Larhonda Young.

A retired black police officer in Fort Worth, where Atatiana Jefferson was killed, says she’s afraid to get stopped by her department’s of...

Retired officer Larhonda Young said as a "black female, former police officer," she's afraid to be stopped by Fort Worth police.

How police are using technology like drones and facial recognition to track people across the US

Emerging technology is giving police departments new ways to prevent crime. It’s also rapidly expanding the scope of police surveillance of civilians.
An US Border Patrol agent checks the area near the border fence in Columbus, New Mexico, on February 19, 2017, on the US/Mexico border.

A senior border patrol agent quietly retired after he was charged with sexually assaulting a junior agent

A senior Border Patrol agent retired after being arrested and indicted on sexual assault and kidnapping charges against a female colleague.
A video obtained by the Detroit Free Press shows state troopers slamming a man with a disability onto the pavement.

Video shows state troopers in Michigan ‘face-planting’ a black motorist with a disability onto the pavement

A trooper can be seen reaching inside the vehicle and yanking out the man's cane, then hauling him outside and slamming him onto the pavement.
Petaluma Pumpkin Patch

A California man who led police on a 2-hour chase through a corn maze was finally arrested

A California man who was suspected of stalking a former girlfriend and violating a restraining order tried to evade police by hiding in a corn maze.

A Tesla police cruiser ran out of battery during a high-speed pursuit because someone forgot to charge it

The police department in Fremont, California, said the vehicle wasn't fully charged at the beginning of the shift, as is the policy.
Meralyn Kirkland (right) told television station WKMG-TV News 6 Orland that her 6-year-old granddaughter Kaia Rolle was arrested after having a tantrum.

A retired Florida police officer is reportedly under investigation for arresting 2 children aged 6 and 8

Meralyn Kirkland, an Orlando resident, told local news her six-year-old granddaughter was handcuffed and arrested for throwing a tantrum at school.
The men (not pictured) left the horse (not this actual horse) behind.

2 Amish men were pulled over for drinking while operating a horse and buggy

Two men in North Bloomfield, Ohio, were pulled over for drinking and operating a horse and buggy, which is considered a vehicle. They fled the scene.
Dutch police officers pose with their equipment for the viral Tetris challenge.

Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks around the world are taking aerial photos of their equipment in a viral ‘Tetris challenge’

Emergency services around the world are "knolling" — laying objects flat to take photos from above — with all of the equipment in their vehicles.