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Dunkin’ Donuts apologizes after an employee called the police on a family because they were speaking Somali

Dunkin’ Donuts apologized after an employees refused to serve a Somali family and called the police because the group were speaking in their native language. Hamdia Ahmed said she and her family were at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru on Monday in Portland, Maine, when the incident occurred.
"Golfcart Gail."

A white woman people have dubbed ‘Golfcart Gail’ called the police on a black man for cheering on his son during a soccer game

A white woman in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, called the police on a black man who was cheering on his son during a soccer game, according to a viral Facebook post. The woman, who was referred to in the post as "Golfcart Gail," intervened to "remind him that harassment would not be tolerated."
Video of Tariq's arrest has gone viral

White cops defend pepper spraying a black teen suspected of skipping school, saying he gave them ‘attitude’

Two white police officers who pepper sprayed a 16-year-old teenager who was suspected of skipping school have defended their actions, saying he was giving them "attitude." In video of the incident, teenager identified only as Tariq, from Norfolk, Virginia, was seen interacting with police officers.
Kelsey Quayle.

A model in Georgia died in a car crash, and then police discovered it was likely because she was shot in the neck while driving

Kelsey Quayle, an aspiring model from Georgia, was involved in a "serious motor vehicle accident" on October 8. When treating Quayle's injuries, doctors found she had been shot in the neck. Now authorities and her family are searching for answers.
The St. Louis woman who blocked D'Arreion Toles from entering his apartment building.

A woman was fired from her job after she was filmed blocking a black man from entering his own apartment building

A white woman in Missouri was fired from her job as a realtor after she was filmed trying to prevent a black man from entering his apartment building. D'Arreion Toles said he was returning to his apartment in downtown St. Louis when the woman blocked him from passing her.

A white woman called the police on a black child she wrongly accused of sexual assault. After being confronted with video footage, she apologized.

A white woman in Brooklyn who called 911 and inaccurately accused a young black boy of sexual assault apologized on Friday after being confronted with video footage showing that the boy appeared not to touch her.
Corey Lewis says the police were called on him because he was babysitting white children

A white woman called the police on a black youth leader who was babysitting white kids in Georgia

A black youth leader said he had the police called on him in Georgia because he was babysitting two white children. Corey Lewis told CBS 46 that a white woman stopped him outside a Cobb County Walmart on Sunday and asked to speak with the children he was watching.

Malaysian police will punish people standing in parking lots to reserve them

They added that Malaysia is not the only country where people exhibit such behaviour.
A professional diver takes part in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in this 2016 photo.

Los Angeles police say Instagramming cliff jumpers are risking their lives for the perfect post — and they’ve spent thousands rescuing the...

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that the quest for social media validation had caused an uptake in helicopter rescues.
Democratic congressional candidate Randy Bryce

A top Democratic candidate’s own brother says he’s voting against him in a new Republican attack ad

Randy Bryce, a Democrat running for the Wisconsin congressional seat being vacated by House Speaker Paul Ryan, is facing a particularly brutal attack ad featuring his own brother, a police officer, accusing him of inciting violence against law enforcement.