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Pick your poison: Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman says the stock market could plunge 25% under either a Warren or Sanders presidency

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has proposed a wealth tax to raise funds for a variety of new government programs.
Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren shake hands before the start of the first night of the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, Michigan, on July 30, 2019.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are calling for massive wealth taxes on the super-rich. Voters like it so much that moderate 2020 Democrats are co...

Sanders and Warren have pushed for taxing the fortunes of the rich. And moderate candidates said they were open to it at the 2020 Democratic debate.
Target recorded its strongest quarterly growth in shopper traffic in more than a decade.

US retail sales unexpectedly drop as Trump’s trade war hits the backbone of the economy

The Commerce Department said Wednesday retail sales fell 0.3% last month, the first decline since February and compared with a 0.6% rise in August.
US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross blasts Democrats as ‘hell-bent on impeaching the most successful president since Ronald Reagan’

Ross doubled down in his staunch defense of Trump in fiery remarks to the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization.

Farmers are skeptical of the partial trade pact Trump announced with China

Questions over a US-China trade announcement have mounted since last week, particularly within the agricultural sector.

Trump’s Agriculture Department spends only 0.3% of its $144 billion budget aiding farmers combat climate change

The agency during the Trump administration has significantly downplayed the risks of climate change. And its not helping farmers prepare for it.
Austen Allred, CEO and co-founder of Lambda School

Lambda School is Silicon Valley’s big bet on reinventing education and making student debt obsolete. But students say it’s a ‘cult&#...

Students at the coding bootcamp Lambda School report being brushed off, ignored, or even kicked out when reporting critical feedback or harassment.

A new poll found the aggressive Medicare for All plan Bernie Sanders has championed is getting less popular as time goes on

The decline in support suggests that repeated attacks over the sweeping proposal's costs and its end of private insurance may be taking a toll.

The prospect of a 4-day American workweek may gain a powerful ally on the 2020 campaign trail: Bernie Sanders

Sanders' openness to cutting the number of hours in the workweek of Americans could transform the debate around an issue at the fringe for decades.

Bernie Sanders rolls out sweeping plan designed to force America’s largest corporations to share profits and power with workers

The centerpiece of the plan would transfer profits and ownership from shareholders to workers who don't get to weigh in on managing their company.