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Obama (right) with Vice President Joe Biden and Ambassador Susan Rice to his left at a National Security Council meeting in the White House Situation Room in September 2014.

Fox News publishes embarrassing correction after reporting book excerpt that misunderstood Obama’s ‘PC meetings’ as ‘political...

The problem is that "PC" stands for Principals Committee, a top-level National Security Council forum, not political correctness.

Trump criticizes Kentucky Derby ruling and blames the controversy on ‘these days of political correctness’

Maximum Security was the first horse in 145 years to cross the line first in the Kentucky Derby and later be disqualified for on-track actions.
A protester burns a flag ahead of a Donald Trump campaign rally in March 2016.

Political correctness is widely unpopular with Americans of all ages and races, a study finds

80% of Americans think that political correctness is a problem, a new study has found. A majority of Americans in all race and age category felt this way, the report by More in Common found. It found that most Americans are part of an 'exhausted majority' that are flexible in their political views.

Why so many people get offended by the phrase ‘Happy holidays’

They're the two words President Donald Trump seems to hate more than any others in the English language.