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Federal prosecutors say US Coast Guard lieutenant plotted ‘massive domestic terror attack’ targeting civilians, politicians, and journalis...

Prosecutors say 49-year-old Christopher Hasson went to great lengths to plot a "massive" terror attack in the US, collecting a cache of weapons.

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We look back at what some of the US' most prominent lawmakers, politicians, and government figures looked like in the early stages of their careers.

13 prominent politicians who are 70 or over

The average American expects to retire around the age of 65, but many prominent political figures are well past that age.
These photos of Finnish President Sauli Niinistö holding his dog, Lennu, went viral last year.

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Learn the lineage of the Bush family, which became one of the United States' iconic political dynasties
Barack Obama on "SNL" in 2007.

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Sometimes the cameos are hilarious, and other times they're hilariously weird.
Olivia Pope on "Scandal" was inspired by Judy Smith.

6 TV characters who were supposedly inspired by real-life political figures

From Olivia Pope in "Scandal" to Matthew Santos in "The West Wing," here are some popular TV characters who were supposedly inspired by real-life politicians and political figures.

Here’s the salary of every governor in the United States

The 50 governors in the United States earn different annual salaries ranging from $70,000 to $187,818.

17 celebrities who became politicians

From Ronald Reagan to Arnold Schwarzenegger, here are 17 celebrities who used their superstar status to jumpstart their political careers.