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Photos show how China’s novel coronavirus outbreak unfolded as Wuhan’s 76-day lockdown ends

Wuhan's 76-day lockdown has ended. Photos show how China's novel coronavirus outbreak unfolded from the start.
The calendar may say it's spring, but the temperatures can tell a different story.

The coldest spring temperatures ever recorded in every state

Temperatures in the US have fluctuated in the spring since NOAA began keep record in 1895. Here are the coldest spring temperatures by state.
Stephanie Grisham, Press Secretary and Communications Director for the First Lady Melania Trump, talks on the phone before President Donald J. Trump arrives to pardon Peas the turkey during the presentation of the National Thanksgiving turkey in the Rose Garden at the White House on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Inside former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s rocky rise to the top of the Trump administration

Grisham was Melania's communications director before becoming Trump's press secretary. Now she's going back as the first lady's chief of staff.
A woman sews hospital masks at the Detroit Sewn facility on March 23, 2020 as the spread of the coronavirus continues in Pontiac, Michigan.

How to help people who have the coronavirus, healthcare workers fighting the disease, people who have lost their jobs, businesses that have had to shu...

The coronavirus outbreak has swept the globe, leaving millions of people sick and without resources. Here's how we can help one another.
A New York commute, photographed on June 7 and July 11, 2012.

28 painfully repetitive photos of New Yorkers’ commutes show why many probably aren’t missing them right now

Photographer Peter Funch staked out a corner near Grand Central Terminal for 10 years to show how boring and repetitive a daily commute can be.

All of the important primary, convention, and debate dates you need to know for the 2020 presidential election

Over a dozen states have postponed their primaries, moved to vote by mail, or both. Here's the most updated schedule for the Democratic primaries.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow in October 2019.

From gender divisions to dictatorships — 11 government’s unorthodox attempts to try to combat the coronavirus

It's an unprecedented time, but some country's decisions to combat the coronavirus are pretty unusual.
Mountain goats roam the streets of LLandudno on March 31 in Llandudno, Wales.

Photos show wild animals roaming empty streets as coronavirus lockdowns keep humans inside

The coronavirus outbreak has forced people to stay inside their homes. But animals around the world have taken advantage of the quiet streets.
A lot of progress has been made, but there is still more to fight for.

12 surprising women from history who paved the road to equal pay

Despite landmark American laws, women still face major obstacles in the workplace, including a gender-based pay gap that costs them thousands.

These are the everyday objects to be wary of touching as the coronavirus spreads, and how to adapt

Here are the daily objects you should be wary of during the coronavirus pandemic, even if you can't operate without them.