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A steady plurality of Americans support impeaching Trump, and a steady majority support the impeachment inquiry

Insider's polling has found that support for impeaching Trump has hardly changed, but partisanship has.

Tech execs who lie about privacy violations could face 20 years behind bars under a newly proposed Senate bill

A newly-proposed Senate bill would give the Federal Trade Commission more teeth to crack down on tech companies' privacy violations.
Data as of late September.

The debate was about Elizabeth Warren because the election is now about Elizabeth Warren

Lots of candidates went after Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and lots of candidates went out of their way to defend Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Here's why.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is acting like a broadcast station when it comes to running ads from politicans. What if the FCC regulated it like one?

Facebook told Elizabeth Warren it agreed with FCC regulations for broadcast ads from politicians. But what if the FCC regulated Facebook?
Students at the University of Northern Iowa protesting president Donald Trump.

A new poll found that 76% of college students say they support impeachment inquiry into President Trump

Democratic, Republican, and independent students alike all support the impeachment inquiry more than they did five months ago.

Bots spammed millions of posts on Twitter promoting vaping. Now, Congress is investigating whether vape companies like Juul were behind it.

Congress is investigating whether e-cigarette manufacturers paid for bots to spam social media with pro-vaping posts.

Elizabeth Warren says she won’t accept major donations from tech executives after vowing to break up big tech companies like Facebook, Google, a...

Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign won't accept major donations from executives in tech and finance, the senator announced Tuesday.
Beto O'Rourke's campaign has struggled since before he even announced his candidacy.

This week’s presidential debate is do-or-die for Beto O’Rourke

In a recent video, O'Rourke's said he sees his campaign heading in a "wonderful trajectory," but Insider polling tells a different, more dire story.

China is reportedly not ready to sign a partial trade deal with the US

With details on core issues still elusive, officials said they did not expect to have the text of the agreement ready for several weeks.

The US and China reportedly reach a partial trade agreement

But progress toward the structural changes President Donald Trump has sought from China remained elusive.