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Republicans might need to start panicking about a key Senate seat in a deep-red state

Former Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, is leading Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn by double digits in the race for a US Senate seat.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe is losing his grip on power at the worst possible time

Certain missteps are to blame, like when a school with ties to Abe's wife was given an 85% discount on state-owned land and related documents were altered.

Trump’s approval rating just hit its highest point in almost a year despite multiple scandals

Trump's new numbers are a massive improvement on his record lows late last year.

Something historic is happening with how Americans see the NRA

The NRA has a negative favorability rating for the first time since 2000 according to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

Polls show that most Americans approve of the FBI and believe Trump is obstructing justice

Overall, voters continue to disagree with Trump on many issues, including immigration.
Robert Mueller.

New poll suggests Trump’s attacks on the Russia probe and the FBI are having an unexpected effect on voters from both parties

The NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll shows a majority of Americans believe Robert Mueller should be allowed to complete the Russia investigation.
President Donald Trump.

Trump cites a poll that finds US citizens have faith in the economy but question his mental fitness

A majority of US citizens think Donald Trump is intelligent (53%), but 69% think he is not level-headed and 57% say he is not fit to serve, the poll says.

Brexit bounce: Conservatives lead Labour in a poll for first time since June

May has doubled her lead over Corbyn in who'd make the best prime minister, according to YouGov.
Labour's shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer

61% of Brits want MPs to have the power to vote down May’s Brexit deal

A new BMG poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Brits believe Theresa May should not be able to sign a final Brexit deal without parliamentary approval.
Pollster John Curtice.

Leave voters are becoming increasingly pessimistic about Brexit

Leave voters are increasingly pessimistic about the state of negotiations.