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A Postal Worker.

The US Postal Service now has 5,000 employees in quarantine and only enough cash to last through September

Estimates for how long the USPS can last have fluctuated, but communicate the same thing: that without extra funding, the USPS doesn't have much time.

Major Trump donor tapped to oversee the US Postal Service as he tries to force the agency to hike up shipping prices for Amazon

The new postmaster general's coziness with President Donald Trump is likely to facilitate efforts to dramatically raise delivery prices for Amazon.
A USPS employee in Boston during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The supervisor coughed in a coworker’s direction as a joke’: As coronavirus cases at the US Postal Service surpass 1,200, employees...

"A coworker stated that a supervisor coughed in his direction less than a few feet away as a joke," one USPS employee told Business Insider.
A USPS employee in Washington, DC, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump confirms that he is considering using an emergency loan to exert more control of the cash-strapped US Postal Service

Trump confirmed Washington Post reporting that he wants to require the Postal Service to charge higher rates on its package delivery services.
The U.S. Postal Service has taken the place of cellphone service at the forefront of island communications.

Trump reportedly rejected approving a bailout package that would rescue the US Postal Service, and it could be a disaster for states trying to expand ...

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that Trump refused to sign a stimulus package that included funding for the Postal Service, which millions rely on.
A USPS letter carrier crosses a quiet Boylston Street with greatly reduced foot and vehicle traffic in Boston on March 18, 2020.

USPS mail carriers say the service isn’t doing enough to protect them from the coronavirus and are mixing DIY sanitizer and buying gloves online...

The USPS says it has implemented a raft of measures to fight the virus. Two postal workers we spoke with said it hasn't materialized.
Jon Matson dressed as a knight on his delivery route.

A mailman has been dressing up in hilarious costumes each day to bring laughter to everyone quarantining on his route

Jon Matson, a postman in the United Kingdom, has been dressing up each day for work to bring laughter to those isolating for the coronavirus.
A Postal Worker.

While the US Postal Service fights for its life financially, 2,000 of its workers are in quarantine and dozens have tested positive for the coronaviru...

The union on Thursday announced the death of New York City carrier Rakkhon Kim, age 50, "from complications related to COVID-19."

From December 2, SingPost will charge parcel prices for all mail over 500g

The company said customers were using mail services to send packages, which "put a strain" on operations.