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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says there are ‘conflicting signals and crosscurrents’ in the economy

The outlook for the US economy remains solid but new strains have emerged over the last year, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday.

The Fed can ‘afford to be patient’ on future hikes, meeting minutes show

In 2019, interest rates may not rise as quickly as previously thought.
President Donald Trump stands behind President Donald Trump

Trump lashes out at the Fed ahead of expected rate hike that could reportedly add $1 million a year to his debt-service costs

President Donald Trump lashed out at the Federal Reserve on Monday, which is expected to increase borrowing costs this week.

One simple ‘no’ could come back to haunt the man who is about to take over for Janet Yellen at the Fed

OPINION: Powell's blind optimism could come back to haunt him during his tenure, which begins in February.

Trump’s choice for Fed chair reflects a harsh reality all women face in the workplace

In the workplace, and especially in economics, there is no level playing field for women..