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Small doses of stress are fine. Chronic stress is a different animal.

9 ways that stress messes with your body — and what you can do about it

Chronic stress isn't just in your head — it can affect your entire body. Insider spoke with Cindy Geyer, MD, and Joel Kahn, MD to find out how.
A doctor examines a new born baby at the hospital in Gyula, Hungary, March 23, 2016.

Do babies have a higher risk of dying from coronavirus? They have weaker immune systems, but death rates for infants are low.

In the US, there have only been a handful of reports of babies dying with COVID-19. Underdeveloped body systems can make them vulnerable.

Alex Morgan completed her regular, high-intensity workout schedule 6 days per week through most of her pregnancy

The USWNT star planned to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics mere months after giving birth and trained throughout pregnancy accordingly.
"It's not like women can't do both—our bodies are incredible—it's the fact that this world isn't really set up for women to thrive," Alex Morgan said.

Alex Morgan’s latest deal with Nike features groundbreaking maternity protections, including guaranteed pay for 18 months

"It's not like women can't do both—our bodies are incredible—it's the fact that this world isn't really set up for women to thrive," Alex Morgan said.

There are benefits to holding off on pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s still up to you, experts say.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has guidelines discouraging couples from beginning fertility treatments during this time.
Because of a short-lived rule at some hospitals in New York City, Emily Scheer gave birth to her second daughter without her partner present.

A New York City mom gave birth in a hospital without her partner because of coronavirus restrictions. Here’s what it was like.

A short-lived rule at a number of NYC hospitals banned companions from delivery rooms because of risks related to the coronavirus.
"The biggest fear is, 'I want my partner with me.' That's really the biggest one," Klein said.

Some pregnant people want to switch to a home birth as the coronavirus spreads, but midwives warn a sudden change in plans could be risky

New hospital policies that bar support people are scaring those who are about to give birth, but the home-birth alternative isn't necessarily better.

Couples are being told to delay fertility treatments during the coronavirus pandemic. Some worry they’ll miss the chance to have kids.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine's guidelines recommend people delay new, nonurgent fertility treatments.

There may be a worldwide condom shortage as factories are forced to shut down during the coronavirus pandemic

Condom factories in Asia have shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, creating a chain effect that could leave contraception in short supply.

What pregnant women should know about the coronavirus

There is new evidence suggesting expectant moms can pass it on in utero, but pregnant women are not especially susceptible to coronavirus.