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Nearly three-quarters of all consumers are willing to purchase prescription drugs through Amazon, as the e-commerce giant seeks to tap into a $300 bil...

According to new research by Deutsche Bank, 71% of consumers are willing to purchase prescription drugs through Amazon, especially younger consumers and Prime members.
My PillPack arrived in a simple white box marked filled with packets of prescriptions and information on when to take them.

We tried PillPack, the pharmacy startup Amazon acquired for $1 billion, and we can see why it has big pharmacies terrified

Business Insider decided to take a look first-hand at PillPack's prescription service to get a sense of how it works, and to better understand how it could fit into Amazon's future healthcare ambitions.
Blink Health cofounders Geoffrey and Matthew Chaiken.

A pharmacy startup that’s raised $165 million in funding has found a new way to lower drug prices for patients paying with cash

After its relationship with pharmacy benefit manager MedImpact soured and major pharmacies left the Blink network, Blink Health has helped set up a new middleman to manage its relationships with pharmacies, called Blue Eagle.
FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb

The days of the ‘pharma bro’ have come to an end — but we haven’t made much progress on drug pricing

The debate around how much people pay for their medication has gotten more complex, but we still haven't seen many lasting fixes.

Hospital groups and the VA are trying to upend the generic drug business

In response to drug shortages and price hikes, a collaboration of five health systems, including the VA, are forming a nonprofit generic drug company.
CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo

CVS made a $69 billion bet it can become the first place you go when you’re sick

The deal could upend the way we pay for healthcare, with Aetna and CVS aiming to make pharmacies the "new front doors of healthcare."

One of America’s largest health insurers just stopped covering a main opioid painkiller

Starting in 2018, the health insurer will no longer cover OxyContin, the branded version of the painkiller oxycodone.

There’s more evidence that one of the most touted solutions to the opioid crisis has a major flaw

Many abusers have no trouble getting past the roadblocks put up by abuse-deterrent formulations.

The FDA just made a move that could prevent the next drug price gouger

The FDA published a list of more than 200 drugs that have fallen off patent and that the FDA hasn't received an application for a generic drug version.

The Trump administration is gearing up to take an official stance on prescription drug prices — here’s what to expect

The administration is getting ready to put out an executive order on drug pricing that might look a lot different from Trump's earlier remarks about pharma.