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IBM revenue has fallen for 20 quarters — but it used to run its business very differently

For decades, IBM never laid off a worker for lack of work, but starting in the 1970s attitudes of corporate America changed, and so did the nature of work.

Here’s what the head of Botox-maker Allergan has to say about drug prices, inversions, and why Carl Icahn is not a threat to his long-term plans...

Brenton Saunders, the CEO of Allergan, dishes on Carl Icahn, dealmaking, profits, and what it takes to run a pharma company today.

A beginner’s guide to being a rabble-rousing, corporate-raiding, CEO’s-worst-nightmare hedge fund manager

Activist investors usually take stakes in companies and then demand changes that will boost the share price. They call it maximizing shareholder value.

A $13 billion hedge fund you’ve never heard of is shaking up a whole continent

Business Insider interviewed Harlan Zimmerman, a senior partner at Cevian Capital, to learn more about the activist hedge fund's process.

The former CEO of a $120 billion company says Wall Street makes too much money, and it’s causing a huge problem

The trade-off of a focus on shareholders is benefits to other stakeholders — like employees and customers, said Bill George, the former CEO of Medtronic.

What everyone’s getting wrong about share buybacks

Companies are buying shares because they don't have anywhere else to invest their money. And that money is free-flowing right now.

The activist playbook is nearly 90 years old — and the first chapter was written by Warren Buffett’s mentor

Graham spent his career battling overcapitalized companies and arguing for an “energetic attitude by stockholders toward their managements.”

Americans think companies are getting things wrong

Just Capital, a nonprofit set up by legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, conducted a huge survey of attitudes toward corporate America.