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Instacart used to have exclusive rights to Whole Foods delivery. That changed when Amazon acquired the grocer.

We compared Whole Foods’ grocery delivery from Amazon Prime Now and Instacart, and it was clear which service does it better

Using Instacart was once the only way to order grocery delivery from Whole Foods. That changed when Amazon acquired the grocer. Here's our verdict on which service is better, Prime Now or Instacart.
Amazon's free Whole Foods delivery isn't technically free.

I finally tried Amazon’s free, two-hour Whole Foods delivery, and I was shocked to discover it isn’t free

Amazon's offer of free, two-hour delivery of Whole Foods groceries to Prime members has a hidden cost that jacks up the price of the service.

Amazon bringing 2-hour delivery to Whole Foods is a sneaky change in strategy, and it could mean a big change is coming

By using Whole Foods stores as distribution points and integrating with Amazon Prime Now, Amazon can cut off the most expensive part of delivery and be closer to customers.

I tried Prime Now, Amazon’s 2-hour delivery service — and I discovered a glaring flaw

Prime Now promises free two-hour delivery. I tested it to see if it lived up to the hype.

Etsy usually has a great holiday season — but Amazon could ruin things this year

Esty's sales tend to spike during the holiday season. But hopes for a similar jump this year could be unfilled, with Amazon targeting the homemade goods market.

Amazon launches Prime membership for Singapore

Two days after Amazon's U...