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A deadly drug epidemic sweeping the US has caused ER visits for overdoses to jump 30%

Every year, thousands of patients receive a prescription for drugs ranging from morphine to fentanyl — and every year thousands of people die from an overdose.
Justin Timberlake on "The Tonight Show."

After fan backlash, Justin Timberlake explained his decision to perform with a projection of Prince at the Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake explained his controversial decision to perform with a projection of Prince at the Super Bowl halftime show on "The Tonight Show."

Watch a clip of Barack Obama talking about dancing with Prince on David Letterman’s new Netflix talk show

Barack Obama jokes about an experience of dancing with Prince in a new clip from the first episode of David Letterman's upcoming Netflix talk show.
The Beatles.

The best concert tours of all time, according to a veteran music critic

Business Insider spoke to veteran music critic Corbin Reiff about six seminal concerts from his new book, "Lighters in the Sky: The All-Time Greatest Concerts."

The Minnesota Twins plan to hold a ‘Purple Rain’-themed tribute for Prince

The night will include a giveaway of purple umbrellas to the first 10,000 fans and a moment of silence to honor the Minneapolis-native who died last year.

Why the release of new Prince music has been blocked

A new six-song album from the late singer Prince called "Deliverance" has been taken down from all streaming services because of a restraining order.

How Prince hid his deadly painkiller drug addiction

Unsealed court documents reveal that Prince had painkillers hidden around his compound, including in vitamin and aspirin bottles.

A doctor prescribed Prince a dangerous painkiller under a different name for ‘privacy’

An unsealed court document shows that a doctor admitted to prescribing Prince oxycodone, while the singer was struggling with opioid addiction.

RANKED: The 5 best Super Bowl halftime shows of all time

From Prince to Beyoncé's controversial halftime stunner, the Super Bowl has given us shows to remember and celebrate long after they're done.

Prince didn’t own any stocks when he died — but he did own over $800,000 in gold bars

Prince also held over $25 million in real estate, according to an inventory of his assets.