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The 32 students will begin studies at Oxford University in England in the fall of 2019.

Meet this year’s 32 genius American Rhodes scholars — including a record-setting 21 women

The latest group of US Rhodes scholars includes 21 women, the most ever in a single Rhodes class.

The 10 US colleges where everyone wants to go — for good reason

Princeton University is the best college in America, according to the latest ranking from US News & World Report.

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Only a few Ivy League schools made the list.

I took a class on human behavior at the No. 1 college in the US — and now I know how hard it is to make a ‘rational’ decision

I traveled to Princeton University to sit in on a session of "The Psychology of Decision Making and Judgment," where I learned about prospect theory.

Take a tour of the charming town surrounding the No. 1 college in the US

We took a day trip to Princeton, New Jersey, home to Princeton University, the No. 1 university in the US.

American immigrant Nobel laureate: Open borders are ‘total magic in the academic world’

6 of the 7 US Nobel laureates for 2016 are immigrants — and it hasn't gone unnoticed in the same year that Trump has promised to curtail immigration.

The 22 best colleges for your money

Only a few Ivy league schools made the list.

Ivy League school’s admissions officers relied on cultural stereotypes, US investigation finds

One African-American student applicant was described as 'easily the most at ease and friendly minority applicant we have ever interviewed.'