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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon denies a report that it altered its search algorithms to favor its own products

Amazon has denied a report that it made changes to its product-search algorithm to give top billing to its own brands late last year.

Amazon is recalling about 377,000 space heaters that can get too hot and cause fires

Amazon is recalling four models of space heaters after receiving 30 reports that they overheated, caused burns, or sparked.
Amazon's battery brand isn't in need of recharging.

Amazon’s private brands lag behind the competition on the retailer’s own website, except for 2 unexpected products

Amazon's private-label brands are small fish compared to those of their competitors, but its in-house batteries are a different story.

Amazon says its private labels are only 1% of its business, but new data shows some are seeing huge growth

Amazon responded to criticism from Sen. Elizabeth Warren by saying that private labels only account for about 1% of Amazon's sales.

30 best-selling and top-rated products from Nordstrom’s private labels — all under $150

Among the hundreds of products from Nordstrom's 29 private label brands, 30 clothing pieces and home products have the best reviews and most ardent fans.
Amazon's oil-free acne wash looks very similar to Neutrogena's.

Many of Amazon’s exclusive products look just like other brands you know and love — see them side by side

Some of Amazon's brands, like Solimo and Mountain Falls, create products that look very similar to their name-brand counterparts.
Costco's low-cost Kirkland Signature brand.

Costco’s Kirkland brand has become a secret weapon worth as much as $75 billion

Costco's Kirkland brand is worth nearly $75 billion, according to analysis from UBS.
Electronics from the AmazonBasics line are on display in an Amazon Books store.

Most Amazon private labels aren’t flying off the shelves yet, but the company is taking huge steps to change that

Amazon's private labels aren't all hits, according to a new report. But the company is taking measures to put them in front of customers.
Target's new Auden underwear brand.

Target is accelerating the lingerie wars with bras that cost under $22

Target will be selling bras for under $22 in a bid to take on Victoria's Secret.
Costco members depend on Kirkland products. That includes Frank Fiorina (pictured), the husband of former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Costco, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and the 8 other stores with generic brands that customers trust the most

Costco, Trader Joe's, and Kroger lead the pack when it comes to stocking the shelves with trusted generic grocery brands.