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Some White Castle frozen hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and jalapeño cheeseburgers have been recalled due to listeria concerns.

Some of White Castle’s frozen sliders have been recalled over listeria concerns

Six-pack cheeseburgers, hamburgers, jalapeño cheeseburgers, and 16-pack hamburgers and cheeseburgers were recalled for possible listeria contamination.
Since 2012, the product has been linked to five infant deaths.

Yet another baby sleeper has been yanked from shelves, just weeks after Fisher-Price’s recall of the deadly Rock ‘n Play

Atlanta-based baby product manufacturer Kids II will refund customers who purchased its baby sleeper products, which have been linked to five deaths.

Apple just recalled wall plug adapters shipped with devices from 2003-2010 – here’s how to tell if yours is affected

Apple is recalling three-prong AC wall plug adapters designed for use in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.
Mattel's Fisher-Price has decided to voluntarily recall its Rock 'n Play.

Fisher-Price has recalled its Rock ‘n Play product after more than 30 children died, and it raises concerns about all restraint-based incline sl...

The American Academy of Pediatrics has previously warned against inclined sleepers and sleepers that require securing restraints.

Claire’s says its makeup is safe after Rhode Island mother discovers cancer-causing asbestos in her daughter’s lip gloss

A Rhode Island woman tested her six-year-old daughter's makeup from Claire's and found tremolite asbestos.