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GitHub’s CEO is stepping down for the second time

Chris Wanstrath will take on the title of executive chairman, as soon as he finds a replacement to lead the development platform.

How a laid-off woman in her 50s learned to code and launched a whole new career

Gillian Reynolds-Titko is the new face of today's classic American career story.

How this startup CEO became a secret weapon for star Valley engineers

Honeycomb CEO Charity Majors is a force of nature for Valley engineers thanks to both her hobby and her startup.

A teen programmer met Apple’s Tim Cook and Craig Federighi then built an app to improve your commute

Apple has come a long way in how it treats teen programmers. And that's a very good thing.

Programmers in the Valley are pressuring their friends to quit working at Uber

In Silicon Valley, the "mission" that your company works on is as important to your career as the technical skills that you possess.

If you want to be a millionaire, it’s better to be a software engineer than a pro athlete

Job hunting site analyzed the lifetime earnings and discovered how well it pays to be a programmer.

The guy who created one of Apple’s most beloved technologies is leaving Apple

Chris Lattner, the inventor of Apple's relatively new programming language called Swift, is leaving Apple, he announced on the Swift mailing list on Tuesday.

12 holiday gifts ideas for the programmers and IT professionals in your life

From gadgets to clothes to toys, there are a whole lot of great gifts that your favorite geeky guy, girl or kid will love.

18 companies that pay software engineers over $110,000

The range in compensation that Silicon Valley pays software engineers can be pretty startling.