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Google's logo seen at the China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai, China, in August 2018.

Google refused to call out China over disinformation about Hong Kong — unlike Facebook and Twitter — and it could reignite criticism of it...

Google said it disabled 210 YouTube channels linked to a disinformation campaign about Hong Kong. It stopped short, however, of blaming China.

Google executive finally confirms that the tech giant is no longer working on a censored search engine for China

"Yes, we have terminated that," Karan Bhatia, Google's VP of Government Affairs and Public Policy, said at Tuesday's Senate hearing.
The Microsoft Bing search engine.

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is the latest website to be blocked under China’s strict online censorship rules

Bing is the latest website to be blocked in China, which has already blocked popular online platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube.
Tibetan human rights groups protested outside Google offices in London.

Human rights protesters are standing outside Google offices recruiting employees to help kill off its China search engine

The advocacy groups are unconvinced by media reports that Google has all but killed Project Dragonfly.
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden has joined human rights groups in calling for Sundar Pichai to kill Google’s plans in China

The open letter was published the evening before Google CEO Sundar Pichai was due to testify in front of Congress.
Alphabet Chairman John Hennessy.

Alphabet chairman admits that Google will have to break its core values if it wants to launch a search engine in China

Google's plans to return to the Chinese market with a censored search engine after its eight-year absence were revealed in August.
JD.com founder and CEO Richard Liu is bringing his company to the US with Google's help. Here he celebrates JD.com's IPO on the Nasdaq Exchange in 2014.

Google is helping a Chinese CEO being investigated for rape to bring his company to the US

Chinese e-commerce company JD.com is set to launch in the US for the first time, with Google's help. Meanwhile, the company's founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong is being investigated for an allegation of rape in Minnesota.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Sundar Pichai spoke about Google’s China plans for the first time and it doesn’t look like he’s backing down

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai made robust comments defending the firm's efforts to relaunch its search engine in China, saying that the company's mission was to provide information to everybody. It's the first time he's spoken about Google's Project Dragonfly in public.
Google's secretive plans to launch a censored search engine in China are still bubbling away. Here, a Google sign is seen during a conference in Shanghai in August 2018.

It looks like China just laid out how it wants Google to help it persecute its Muslim minority

Google's secretive plans to launch a censored search engine in China, codenamed 'Dragonfly,' are still bubbling away. This week Chinese regional authorities passed new laws that lay out the kind of speech suppression that tech companies will likely have to facilitate and be complicit in.