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All the companies and divisions under Google’s parent company, Alphabet, which just made yet another shake-up to its structure

Google became Alphabet in 2015, but for many people, it can be confusing as to how it's organized. Here's what's under the corporate umbrella.

Alphabet’s drone delivery company is testing a quieter delivery drone after its original model annoyed townspeople and their dogs

A Wing spokesperson confirmed with Business Insider that it has begun testing a quieter drone that "blends in" with nearby residential sounds.
Larry Page, Google cofounder and Alphabet CEO.

15 quotes that reveal the genius and ambition of Google’s Larry Page

Wise words from Google cofounder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page.

A startup created by ex-Google engineers is raising $40 million to make drones that fly themselves

Skydio, a three-year-old startup created by ex-Google engineers is raising approximately $40 million to make the world's most advanced consumer drone.

Google’s drone delivery project just shared some big news about its future

Project Wing is testing drone management software, hinting at commercial possibilities for the

Despite setbacks and job cuts, Google is promising a big update in its race against Amazon’s delivery drones

Inside the coup that caused a months-long reorg at Project Wing, the drone delivery project from X, the R&D unit of Google's parent company.

The alarming inside story of a failed Google acquisition, and an employee who was hospitalized

On a cold day in February, a terrifying incident landed a Google X employee briefly in the hospital, and the reasons have infuriated some people.

The latest idea from Google’s parent company: a service where drones deliver your food for $6

Google's Project Wing is trying to create an online marketplace for drone deliveries from the likes of Domino's and Whole Foods.

More struggles at Google’s parent company as Alphabet scales back its drone plans

Alphabet is cutting back Project Wing, its drone delivery project.

Google’s parent company keeps losing its top executives

Alphabet has had a lot of turnover and turmoil.