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Women are underrepresented as executives at healthcare companies.

Dismal statistics show there are fewer female CEOs in healthcare, even though most workers are women

Only 33% of senior leaders at healthcare companies are women, including just 13% of CEOs.

12 signs your boss is impressed with you, even if it doesn’t seem like it

Signs your boss likes you aren't always super obvious. If you're worried about whether or not your manager supports you, consider these more subtle signs.
Getting a promotion doesn't have to be complicated.

Your 24-step plan for getting the promotion you want and deserve

Knowing how to get promoted is key if you want more responsibilities at work. If you want to get promoted quickly, you'll need to step up your game.
"What impact am I having?" asks Justin Angsuwat, pictured.

A former Google HR exec says people have been asking him how to get promoted for years, and he always responds with the same question

Wondering how to get a promotion? Justin Angsuwat, a former Google HR exec, says you should figure out why you want the title bump in the first place.
"You hire adults, you treat them like adults," said Bharath Jayaraman, pictured.

An HR exec who’s worked at Facebook and Amazon says no one should become a manager without taking a key step

Before making someone a people boss, make sure to give them some management experience, so they know what they're getting into.
How were they to know she wanted the job? Beth Comstock pictured.

A former GE and NBC exec was nearly passed over for a big promotion because she made an all-too-relatable mistake

Beth Comstock, a former executive at NBC and GE, said she almost missed out on a promotion early in her career because she didn't let her managers know she wanted it. From that experience, she learned the importance of being open about your professional ambitions.
Make sure you have champions besides your manager, says Erica Keswin, pictured.

An executive coach says there’s a creative strategy for earning a promotion — but too many people ignore it

You'll have a better shot at a promotion if you have supporters across your organization, says executive coach Erica Keswin. So join employee resource groups and take on leadership positions within them.

A former Googler and Facebook exec shares the best way to show your boss you deserve a promotion

Former Facebook exec Libby Leffler says that, if you want a promotion, you should start doing the job of someone more senior today — instead of waiting until you get the title bump.
It might finally be your time to snag that promotion.

15 signs you’re about to be promoted at work — even if it doesn’t feel like it

There are certain signs your boss wants to promote you and you're about to get a promotion at work, you just have to know how to look out for them.

If you preorder LG’s new iPhone X clone, you can get a free 4K HDR TV — but only if you live in Canada

LG is running a great promotion for its new smartphone, the LG G7 Thinq, which looks like an awful lot like Apple's iPhone X but runs Android 8.0 Oreo. If you live in Canada, and you preorder the LG G7 Thinq smartphone between May 18 and May 31, you'll get a 43-inch 4K TV with HDR from LG, for free.