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How to use a Lyft promotional code to get discounted rides

You can use a Lyft promo code to get cheaper rides if you're a new user or refer friends to the service. Here's how to get, share, and use a code.

McDonald’s is giving away free fries every Friday in July — here’s how to get yours

The first day of the promotion — which gets you a free medium order of fries — is Friday, July 12, the day before National French Fry Day.
Chick-fil-A is giving away free food on Tuesday.

Chick-fil-A is giving away free food on Tuesday. Here’s how to get some.

Chick-fil-A is giving away free food on Tuesday, July 9, to customers dressed as cows for its 15th annual Cow Appreciation Day.

Apple has a new global-supply-chain boss — this anecdote about how he handled a meeting with Tim Cook shows why he’s the perfect man for t...

There's one famous anecdote between Sabih Khan, Apple's new SVP of operations, and CEO Tim Cook that shows why he's the perfect man for the job.
The majority of Gen Z workers believe they should be promoted within the first year of their jobs, a recent survey suggests.

Gen Z workers expect a promotion after one year on the job, and their bosses are creating new titles and throwing ‘workversary’ parti...

Gen Z and millennial employees feel they should be promoted within a year on the job, putting managers in awkward positions, a survey found.
Pi Day is March 14 because of the value 3.14.

12 stores with amazing Pi Day deals

The amount of free and discounted pie you can get on Pi Day is irrational.
Hailey Baldwin in the Fyre Festival promo video.

Hailey Baldwin said she gave away the money she earned from promoting Fyre Festival to charity

She didn't specify exactly how much she made from the promo, but she didn't end up keeping it.

I tried using RateX, a tool that auto-inserts discount codes when you’re shopping online – and quickly discovered its biggest catch

Be prepared to pay full price, but be delighted if it the tool scores you a discount.

5 unexpected ways a promotion can make your life harder — and how to deal with them

Here are five downsides that I didn't expect to come with my promotion, including expectations to work longer hours.
Inside Goldman's headquarters, where 69 people today achieved one of Wall Street's most coveted titles.

A small group of Goldman Sachs employees just got the call of a lifetime — here’s how it went down

A select few will join the elite ranks of being a Goldman Sachs partner.