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An anti-extradition bill protester is detained by riot police during a protest outside Mong Kok police station, in Hong Kong, China September 2, 2019.

Hong Kong’s leader says she’ll withdraw the controversial extradition bill. Protest leaders say it’s ‘too little, too lateR...

Protest leader Bonnie Leung told Insider Lam's move is too late. "If it happened two months earlier, I'm sure we would have seen much less bloodshed."

20 photos that show much being a school teacher has changed in the last 50 years

Teachers once decided what they taught in their own classrooms, but standardization of coursework has limited their autonomy.
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam speaks to the media during her weekly press conference in Hong Kong on September 3, 2019.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam reportedly said she would quit if she could and had ‘very limited’ ability to contain protests

In leaked audio obtained by Reuters, Lam said she had "very limited" capacity to quell protests, which China views as a threat to national security.
Protester Emperial Young outside of Netflix's Los Angeles office on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

‘The OA’ fans are staging protests outside Netflix headquarters to save the show, and one woman is on her 4th day of a hunger strike

Insider visited the #SaveTheOA protest on Wednesday to hear from fans hoping the streaming service reverses its choice to cancel the sci-fi series.
Activists protest in front of Palantir's cafeteria in Palo Alto, CA

Protesters blocked Palantir’s cafeteria to pressure the $20 billion big data company to drop its contracts with ICE

The Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps Bay Area organized a protest at Palantir's cafeteria in Palo Alto to push it to drop its ICE contracts.
Riot police officers stand outside a branch of HSBC bank as anti-extradition bill protesters demonstrate in Wan Chai neighbourhood in Hong Kong, China, August 11, 2019.

Hong Kong protesters are calling for massive ATM withdrawals in an economic warning to China

After 10 weeks of protests, some activists are turning to a new form of protest — withdrawing all their cash, or converting it to US dollars.
Riot police use pepper spray on protestors at the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday.

Violence breaks out at the Hong Kong airport as riot police clash with protesters

For the fifth day in a row, protesters gathered at the Hong Kong airport to demonstrate against perceived overreaches of the Chinese government.

An American gold medal fencer kneeled on the podium during the national anthem: ‘We must call for change’

American fencer Race Imboden keeled during the medal ceremony Friday at the Pan American Games to call attention to social and political issues.

Walmart corporate employee who urged gun sales protest says 30 people walked off the job in support. Now he’s sending a petition with 46,000 sig...

Walmart has said it has no plans to stop selling guns or ammunition in the wake of two deadly shootings at its stores.

Hong Kong police released video touting ability to spray protesters with dye that stains their clothes and skin in order to track them

According to police, the liquid color would stain clothes and skin and could also be added to other substances like tear gas.