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A new video provides a rare look at a little-known Apple gadget from 1993 that was never released

Apple's WALT prototype combined the elements of a desktop computer and a phone, much like the iPhone and other modern smartphones.
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks while participating in a tour of U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, California. U.S., March 13, 2018.

Trump visited his border wall prototypes for the first time — and the photos are great

President Donald Trump made a long-expected visit to the Otay Mesa port of entry in San Diego, California, on Tuesday to visit the eight border wall prototypes.
Prototypes for U.S. President Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico are seen behind the current border fence in this picture taken from the Mexican side of the border in Tijuana, Mexico, January 27, 2018.

Tactical units spent weeks trying to breach and climb Trump’s border wall prototypes — and they’re nearly impossible to scale

The prototypes are made of concrete, steel, and other materials, and designed to withstand even the most persistent breaching tools and intrepid climbers.

Scientists have found a way to photograph people in 3D through walls using Wi-Fi

A drone equipped with the technology may be able to scan an entire building in seconds.

NASA has been quietly working on a Mars rover concept that looks like a Batmobile

The new vehicle is 28 feet long, 13 feet wide, 11 feet tall, weighs about 5,000 pounds, and is designed for the punishment of Mars.

A gaming company known for wild hardware concepts says two new prototypes were stolen in Las Vegas last week

Razer, a company known for making gorgeous and expensive hardware, had two prototypes stolen during the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas.