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It's another example of our egocentrism.

Scientists say other people are probably watching us more closely than we might think

A psychology study suggests that we underestimate how much other people pay attention to us. But they're not necessarily interested in the flaws that we're fixated on.
Try developing your passion instead.

All that advice to ‘find your passion’ isn’t just cliché — it could be actively bad

The psychology of being passionate about something is complicated. According to a new scientific paper, college students who believe that interests are innate may close themselves off to other areas — and even ditch their area of interest when it becomes too challenging.
Kelly, left, and Mark at age 3 in 1967.

A new documentary chronicles the lives of triplets separated at birth in a controversial study — here’s how scientists continue to use twi...

A new documentary, "Three Identical Strangers," follows triplets involved in a secret experiment of nature versus nurture. Here's a look at the history of twin studies and why scientists are fascinated with them.

People with autoimmune diseases may be more likely to develop psychosis, according to new research

New research has found a link between autoimmune disorders and developing psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. However, certain types of arthritis, which are also autoimmune, may be protective against it.

A Stanford economist has a fascinating theory to explain why women may be less likely to quit in a competition than men

During the 2018 Boston Marathon, men quit at higher rates than women. That's possibly because simply finishing the race — but not winning — is more valuable for women than it is for men.

Feeling younger than your age could be a sign your brain is healthy, according to new research

Researchers from Seoul National University in Korea found that elderly people who feel younger than their age had a younger estimated brain age, compared with those who felt their actual age or older.
Avoid name-dropping.

15 things you’re doing that make people dislike you immediately

We've rounded up some of the most common social turn-offs online and in person, as well as how to avoid them.

People can seem more racist as they get older, but it’s not simply a case of ‘being from a different time’

Research has shown there is greater prejudice among older adults. This is often dismissed as older people being 'from a different time.' But it's not the whole story, because certain parts of our brains shrink as we get older, which making us less inhibited.

Brain stimulation could zap out violent and criminal thoughts, according to new research

A lot of how the brain controls our impulses remains a mystery. But there are some areas, such as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which have been linked to antisocial behaviour. Scientists they shown stimulating this area to boost its activity could reduce people's violent tendencies.

Lonely millennials are at a greater risk of developing anxiety and depression — but the reasons for their isolation are unclear

Isolation can affect many parts of our lives, but millennials are at a particularly high risk of loneliness. There are several reasons for why they are the age group most at risk, such as increased social media use — but it's complicated.