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At least five piece of debris have fallen from elevated subway tracks in Queens, New York

New York is installing netting under elevated subway tracks where debris keeps falling onto streets below

After a piece of metal pierced a car's windshield and at least four other objects fell, local politicians urged the MTA to do act.
Apple device users will be able to board the subway by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader, similar to the way you can digitally scan your boarding pass for a flight through Apple's Wallet app.

You’ll soon be able to use your iPhone to get on the New York City subway — here’s how to set it up

You'll soon be able to wave your iPhone near a turnstile to pay for subway fare in New York City as part of the MTA's OMNY contactless fare system.
A pigeon sits on an empty subway platform.

Uber and Lyft are having a terrible effect on public transportation, new research shows

RIdership isn't down due to service cuts, research from the University of Kentucky suggests. It all comes down to ride-hailing.
BART is considering an idea to convert old train cars into homes.

San Francisco is adding so many new train cars, it’s considering turning the old ones into housing

San Francisco's BART agency is considering a plan to convert old train cars into housing.

The ‘pink tax’ isn’t just on tampons and deodorant — women pay more for transit too

Women pay on average $25-50 more than men to get around the city because of concerns about being harassed, a new study found.

The Lyft app will now tell you the fastest way to get anywhere — even if it means taking public transit instead of a Lyft ride

Lyft is partnering with a company called Trafi to give riders more flexibility in their route, such as taking the subway or bus along with a Lyft ride — which could result in a more affordable trip.
People ride the Metro subway system during the evening rush hour in Washington March 15, 2016.

Washington, DC, just dropped plans to provide separate trains for a white supremacist rally — here’s why many transit workers support the ...

Unionized transit workers argue that DC Metro should not give those attending the "Unite the Right" rally special treatment this weekend. The group, which was behind the Charlottesville rally last year, is associated with the Ku Klux Klan.
Passengers wait inside a stopped C subway train in New York City after a power failure stopped multiple subway lines during the morning commute in New York, U.S., April 21, 2017.

New York City subways are chronically delayed — but it’s not as bad for rich people

A new report from the Federal Reserve found that New Yorkers who live in high-income neighborhoods tend to experience fewer subway delays, while lower-income riders are disproportionately impacted by train delays.

The 16 most expensive cities in the world for commuting to work

These 16 cities are the most expensive for commuters. If you hate spending too much to ride the subway or bus, avoid living in London, Dublin, or Auckland, New Zealand.
A street in Boston, Massachusetts.

The 15 US cities where it’s easiest to live without a car

Walk Score, the go-to metric for walkable, transit-friendly cities, has released its annual ranking. The scores can be useful for determining where it's possible to live without a car in the US.