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A screenshot from Salman's Facebook page., which has since been deleted.

The widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter has been acquitted of all charges in the 2016 attack

Noor Salman, who was married to gunman Omar Mateen, was charged with obstruction of justice and providing material support to a terrorist organization.
Seddique Mateen.

Court documents reveal the father of the Pulse nightclub gunman was an FBI informant

Seddique Mateen has been vocal since his son's shooting at Pulse nightclub, and used to host a political talk show on Afghan-Pakistan issues.

The White House included some curious incidents on its list of underreported terrorist attacks

The list came out after the Trump administration accused the US media of ignoring or underreporting some incidents of terrorism around the world.

Families of Americans killed by ISIS are suing Twitter for allegedly providing ‘tremendous utility and value’ to the terrorist organizatio...

The families of three Americans killed by ISIS attacks in Belgium and France have sued Twitter for allegedly failing to block the terrorist organization.

The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter speaks publicly for the first time since the massacre

Noor Salman, the wife of the man who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in US history, has broken her silence.

First responders to Pulse nightclub shooting report PTSD, haunting memories months after attack

Police who were the first to respond to the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando this June told the New York Times they're still haunted by what they saw.