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A trader reacting to the wacky, wild September jobs report.

The ‘mother of all causes’ for the record-setting stock market is also everyone’s biggest fear

The stock market's record-setting rally has been driven by unprecedented monetary stimulus. Now we enter a crucial period to see how it will fare without it.

The Fed is getting ready for its ‘biggest meeting of the year’

The central bank is widely expected to announce the start of a reduction in its $4.4 trillion balance sheet at the conclusion of its meeting on Wednesday.

EX-TREASURY OFFICIAL: Cheap central bank money is ‘like heroin’ for the economy

Nicholas Macpherson, who was permanent secretary to the Treasury from 2005 to 2016, said there are "negative side-effects" from central banks' QE programs.

The Fed’s plan to start shrinking its balance sheet could have unforeseen consequences

Uncertainty around the timing and pace of the winding down could hurt credit markets.

The Bank of England should think about following the Fed and ending QE early, senior rate-setter says

Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Ian McCafferty said in an interview that the central bank should start unwinding QE ahead of schedule.

This illuminating chart shows the Fed’s $4.5 trillion balance sheet isn’t all that massive

There's nothing like a really good chart to put numbers so large they seem unfathomable into more tenable perspective.

FED OFFICIAL: It’s ‘inevitable’ that a controversial policy will return in the next recession

"I think it is inevitable that we’re going to be talking about the balance sheet expanding during recessions," said Eric Rosegren, president of the Boston Fed.

4 charts shed light on the Fed’s mysterious $4.5 trillion portfolio

At $4.5 trillion, the Fed's balance sheet is some five times larger than its pre-crisis total.

Only one thing that can jumpstart the global economy right now — but no government is willing to do it

However, there is only one thing that could truly kickstart the global economy: fiscal stimulus. The issue is, no country wants to do it.