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Broadcom CEO Hock Tan was banned from acquiring Qualcomm by President Trump in March.

Broadcom will acquire CA Technologies for $18.9 billion, just 4 months after Trump blocked its acquisition of Qualcomm

The $108 billion semiconductor company Broadcom announced the deal to acquire CA Technologies for $18.9 billion on Wednesday.

NXP Semiconductors spikes as China reconsiders Qualcomm’s $44 billion bid

NXP Semiconductors NV is rising after a report that China will restart its review of Qualcomm's $44 billion bid for the semiconductor company. The proposed acquisition had been put on hold previously due to uncertain trade conditions between the US and China.
Apple applied for "innovation zones" surrounding both of its headquarters to experiment with emerging wireless technology like 5G.

Apple deleted a revealing job listing that hints at plans to cut Qualcomm and Intel chips from future phones

The iPhone's modem chip could be the next component to get built in house by Apple, replacing chips by Intel and Qualcomm, just as the world moves to 5G.
Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf

Qualcomm layoffs will impact 1,500 Californians according to state filings

The San Diego-based chipmaker confirmed it will hold mass layoffs in San Diego, San Jose and Santa Clara around June 19, 2018.

Broadcom to buy back up to $12 billion of shares

Reuters Chipmake...

Broadcom completes move to US from Singapore

Broadcom has moved ...
Paul Jacobs is off the Qualcomm board as he seeks to acquire the $89.7 billion chip manufacturer.

Qualcomm kicked its former CEO off the board after he said he might try to buy the $89.7 billion company

Paul Jacobs denounced his removal but praised the company for considering a potential offer.
Former Qualcomm chairman Paul Jacobs, seen here with a chip, wants to acquire the company.

Qualcomm’s ex-chairman is trying to buy the company with help from investors at SoftBank

News of a potential buyout comes just days after President Donald Trump blocked Qualcomm's acquisition by a rival chipmaker.