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Krysta Svore, general manager of quantum software at Microsoft

A Microsoft general manager explains how people can start getting the skills they need for the quantum computing revolution today

Microsoft's Krysta Svore spoke at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference about Microsoft's plans to help people learn about quantum computing.

Quantum computing could change everything, and IBM is racing with Microsoft, Intel, and Google to conquer it. Here’s what you need to know.

Quantum computers are an extremely exciting technology, promising the raw computing power to crack previously-unsolvable problems.
Microsoft is developing both quantum computing hardware and software.

Microsoft is hoping to turn the Pacific Northwest into ground zero for quantum computing

Microsoft Quantum is teaming up with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington to promote the new kinds of computers.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

IBM unveils the world’s first quantum computer that businesses can actually use to solve previously impossible problems

At CES 2019, IBM announced the world's first quantum computing system that businesses can use. Before, quantum computers could be found only in research labs.
Intel’s director of quantum hardware, Jim Clarke, holds the new 17-qubit superconducting test chip

Intel just challenged IBM and Google in a type of supercomputing that uses temperatures 250 times colder than deep space

On Tuesday, Intel delivered a 17-qubit test chip and threw itself into the race to build the world's most powerful quantum computer.

Bill Gates says even he doesn’t understand the math behind quantum computing, the next big thing in tech

Quantum computing is going to be huge. But it's also so complicated, even Bill Gates can't fully grasp how it works.

China is about to launch an un-hackable satellite and take the lead in a new space race

QUESS will use an advanced form of communication built on quantum computing. If someone tries to hack it, this method could change the message or cancel it.

We just got better at detecting this quantum phenomenon that Einstein thought was too ‘spooky’ to be real

Entanglement, a phenomenon in quantum physics, seems to the surpass the speed of light, violating the cosmic speed limit.

IBM just beat Google to a brand new type of computing

This is a new kind of computer that works differently than normal computers and has to be kept in a special refrigerator at outer-space temperatures.

Justin Trudeau gave a reporter a quick lesson in quantum computing

"Normal computers work, either there's power going through a wire, or not. What quantum states allow for is much more complex information to be encoded ..."