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The speech is recorded in advance at Buckingham Palace.

How Queen Elizabeth has embraced technology over the years, from broadcasting her coronation on TV to sending her first Instagram post

Queen Elizabeth posted her first Instagram, which follows the trend of the queen being progressive with technology. These are all the ways she's used it.

2 rules you must follow if you eat dinner with the queen

It's important to follow the queen's lead during meals.
The royal family is different than it used to be.

THEN AND NOW: 24 photos that show how royal life has changed over the years

The monarchy looks and feels different than it did when Queen Elizabeth began her reign. Here's how royal life has changed over the years.

13 queens who are reigning around the world right now

Here are all of the women around the world who currently have a queen or queen consort title and are currently reigning as queen.
Queen Elizabeth reads to Zara Phillips in 1987.

21 adorable photos that show how Queen Elizabeth II is just a regular grandma

If you set aside the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch, she's just like us.

30 vintage photos of a young Queen Elizabeth before she became Queen

Here are 30 vintage photos of Queen Elizabeth before she ascended the throne in 1952.
Meghan Markle has cameras on her all the time.

Disappointing photos that show what royal life is really like

From having your most embarrassing moments caught on camera to needing to show up to events even when your newborn has kept you up all night, life as a royal has its challenges.
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle arrived in separate cars.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle gave a glimpse of their different festive styles as they arrived for the Queen’s annual Christmas lunch

Kate Middleton appeared to wear a pink shirt with a bow, while Meghan Markle chose what looked like a navy blue lace ensemble with a high neck.

William and Kate’s cutest moments this year

The couple welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, this year, and were seen laughing and even engaging in some royal PDA at charities and events.

From Queen Elizabeth to the former head of the Soviet Union, here are 7 moving tributes to the life of George HW Bush

Political adversaries, allies, and international leaders all lent their praise to the life and legacy of George H.W. Bush.