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Sauntore Thomas.

A black man received a settlement in a race discrimination lawsuit. When he tried to cash the check, the bank called the cops, prompting a second raci...

Sauntore Thomas, of Detroit, Michigan, sued TCF Bank after it refused to accept checks he received from a racial discrimination lawsuit.
It's a slow and steady climb to the seven-figure club.

The racial wealth gap in the US keeps getting bigger — and it could cost the economy as much as $1.5 trillion by 2028

The racial wealth gap reduces the buying power of black families and prevents investment in the housing and equities markets, according to McKinsey.

The boyfriend of a Malaysian student who committed suicide is suing Utah State University, says she suffered racial abuse

The bullying allegedly started during Jerusha Sanjeevi, first school semester in 2016, and it reportedly got even worse after that.

Preetipls and Subhas Nair issue apology for their controversial rap video – and people are calling it ‘clever’ and ‘epic’

“The message behind this music video is that opportunities must be for everyone," Pretti and Subhas said in their joint apology.

Half of all Malays, Indians in Singapore feel discriminated against when applying for jobs: IPS survey

According to the survey, the number of Malay and Indian respondents who felt racially discriminated against during job applications and promotions rose between 2013 and 2018.

A gas station clerk was fired after he told a group of Latina women to ‘go back to their country’

In a video that went viral on Facebook, an employee at Bucky's Express in Naperville, Illinois, argued with women over their right to be in the US.
The Outdoor Recreation Center of Wendell, North Carolina.

A North Carolina recreation center is being slammed over ‘racist’ rules that banned weaves, dread locks, and baggy pants

The Outdoor Recreation Center of Wendell, North Carolina, posted guidelines about the outdoor pool’s dress code on its Facebook page.
The Starkville Kampgrounds of America employee.

A campground employee was fired after being recorded pulling a gun on a black couple and kicking them out of the property

Kampgrounds of America told INSIDER that an employee from a campground in Mississippi was fired after a cellphone video filmed on Sunday went viral.
Memorial High School in Houston.

A high school canceled its spirit week after an unofficial ‘thug day’ was called out for having racist undertones

About 30 students at Memorial High School morphed a so-called “jersey day” into a “thug day,” in a move that people online called out earlier this week.
Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri.

A high school student in Missouri is being investigated after posting a racist Snapchat threatening to lynch black athletes

Police launched an investigation into the student at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri, on Monday.