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A nurse’s viral TikTok video about how to prevent STDs is sparking conversations about prejudice in medicine

The video has over 5 million views on Twitter, and it's prompting people to talk about judgement and prejudice in the medical profession.

4 challenges I faced while traveling abroad as a person of color

If you're a person of color traveling abroad, you'll probably have to get used to people staring at you in public places.
A makeshift shrine to Timothy Caughman seen in 2017.

The mother of a white supremacist who killed a black man to start a ‘race war’ says she had no idea he was ‘evil.’ An expert s...

James Harris Jackson was sentenced to life in prison earlier this year after admitting to killing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in March 2017.
Gary Neville during a speech about racism in British soccer on Sunday.

A toe curling encounter between a pundit and a TV host just gave the fight against racism in the world’s biggest soccer league a renewed purpose...

Sky Sports' decision to caveat an anti-racism speech on Sunday shows how tentative broadcasters are to involve themselves in the anti-racism battle.
Kim Kardashian West is starring on the latest cover of 7 Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian is being accused of blackface on her latest magazine cover

People have commented on Kardashian West's skin tone in the photos, which show her wearing a vintage Thierry Mugler gown with a curled bob hairstyle.
Camila Cabello said she was "embarrassingly ignorant" and "uneducated" when she was using Tumblr back in 2012-2013.

Camila Cabello has apologized for ‘hurtful’ and ‘ignorant’ racist posts she shared on Tumblr as a teenager: ‘I’m s...

The singer said she was "embarrassingly ignorant" and "uneducated" when she began re-blogging and sharing racist comments to Tumblr at 14 years old.

An Iowa congressman punished for making racist comments got duped by a Twitter troll named ‘MuellerDad69’ who said he manages a Starbucks ...

A Starbucks representative told Insider that the Facebook post was "absolutely a hoax" and that employees can greet customers however they like.
Simone Fugazzotto's work is on display at the Serie A HQ in Milan.

The Italian football league has launched a bizarre anti-racism campaign using 3 paintings of different coloured monkeys to show that ‘we are all...

Artist Simone Fugazzotto says the three paintings represent "a western monkey, an Asian monkey and a black monkey" to show that we "are all monkeys."
An "OK" hand gesture is made by midshipmen at the 120th annual Army-Navy game in Philadelphia, December 14, 2019.

TV host Montel Williams defends West Point and Navy students making ‘OK’ hand gesture: The media ‘branded these young people as raci...

"We owe these young people, who had the courage to sign up to be part of the 1% who defend this democracy, better than this," Montel Williams said.
Nikki Haley.

Goldman Sachs employees want to cancel a Nikki Haley interview after her Confederate flag comments

They asked the bank's president to scrap an event with the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador after she didn't denounce the flag's fans.