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Dr. Paul Ryan.

A California woman claims that a doctor wouldn’t treat her mother because she doesn’t speak English

A woman says a cardiologist in California refused to treat her mom because she doesn't speak English — and a video of the exchange has gone viral.

A white poll worker in Houston was fired for shouting racist language at a black voter

"If you call the police, they're going to take you to jail and do something to you, because I'm white," the poll worker reportedly said to the voter.
A woman dubbed "SouthPark Susan" was filmed harassing her black neighbors last month.

Charlotte Police are trying to charge a woman dubbed ‘SouthPark Susan’ who was filmed harassing her black neighbors — but they can&#...

Leisa and Mary Garris were waiting outside their apartment building for AAA on October 19 when 51-year-old Susan Westwood started harassing them.

Michael Cohen spent 12 years working for Donald Trump and said he’s seen the president make multiple racist comments

President Donald Trump made multiple racist remarks in private in the past 12 years, according to his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Police officers reportedly beat Latino teenager while saying ‘Welcome to the white man’s world’

Officer Gregg Bigda and former detective Steven Vigneault are accused of using excessive force against the two Latino teenagers.
A view from cellphone video showing a man repeatedly shouting the N-word at an employee at a Dunkin' and Baskin-Robbins store in Miami, Florida.

Video shows a man repeatedly shouting the N-word at an employee inside a Dunkin’-Baskin Robbins store in Florida

A man in South Florida was caught on camera calling a Baskin Robbins employee the N-word.
Domino's Pizza.

A Domino’s employee was fired after writing the N-word on a customer’s pizza order

On Monday night, Myasia Nelson ordered pizza from Domino's for her family. But when Nelson went to pick up her meal, she didn't see it under her name on the board — instead, it appeared that her order been placed under the N-word.
Rep. Ron DeSantis, Florida's Republican gubernatorial nominee.

A donor to Florida’s Republican gubernatorial candidate called Obama the N-word

A conservative activist and donor to Rep. Ron DeSantis, Florida's Republican nominee for governor, called President Barack Obama a "F---- MUSLIM N----" in a recent Tweet, and has made other offensive comments online.
Fashion icon.

The newspaper that published the ‘angry baby’ Serena Williams cartoon ran a hit piece saying she is ‘no feminist hero’ —...

Serena Williams received three violations in her US Open final loss to Naomi Osaka and was lampooned in a controversial cartoon in The Herald Sun. The Australian newspaper stood by the cartoon, republished the drawing, and said Williams 'is no feminist hero.' They're wrong.
Alexis Ohanian.

Serena Williams’ Reddit co-founder husband Alexis Ohanian slams controversial ‘angry baby’ cartoon for being ‘racist and misog...

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has spoken out against the controversial cartoon published in Australian newspaper The Herald Sun this week, depicting his wife Serena Williams as an angry baby with exaggerated features. He called the drawing 'racist and misogynistic.'