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Rand Paul has suddenly emerged as one of Trump’s biggest allies on Russia

Republican Sen. Rand Paul was once one of President Donald Trump's harshest critics, particularly during the 2016 presidential election, but in recent weeks he's become one of the president's biggest supporters when it comes to Russia.
Rand Paul.

Sen. Rand Paul invited Russian lawmakers to Washington

Sen. Rand Paul met with Russian lawmakers in Moscow Monday and invited them to visit the US. A press release from the senator's office said Paul intended to "continue dialogue on vital issues such as nuclear non-proliferation and combating terrorism."

Rand Paul just alleviated one of Trump’s biggest concerns about his Supreme Court pick’s confirmation

"Of course, my vote is not a single-issue vote, and much of my reading and conversation has been in trying to figure out exactly how good Judge Kavanaugh will be on other issues before the Court," he said.
Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Rand Paul says he ‘absolutely’ stands by Trump after Russia summit, blames outrage on ‘Trump-derangement syndrome’

Sen. Rand Paul backed President Donald Trump's comments and blamed partisan leanings for the ongoing outrage.
Sen. Rand Paul

The brutal attack on Rand Paul came after the senator put piles of branches too close to his neighbor’s yard

According to new court documents, Sen. Rand Paul angered his neighbor of 17 years after he repeatedly piled yard debris near the line dividing their Kentucky properties last fall, causing the 59-year-old to tackle Paul to the ground.

H.R. McMaster used a ‘Seinfeld’ reference about George Costanza to critique US war strategy

McMaster would reportedly often say, "George Costanza in Seinfeld, 'leave on an up note' — just go in, do a lot of damage, and leave."
House Speaker Paul Ryan

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Congress is scrambling to get their act together, and another government shutdown is just days away

Congress is rushing to put the finishing touches on a $1.3 trillion spending bill before the government shutdown deadline at the end of the day Friday.
Sen. Rand Paul

‘It doesn’t make any damn sense’: The latest, short-lived shutdown was a bizarre, avoidable fight

The short-lived government shutdown was the result of completely avoidable missteps.

‘A colossal waste of time’: Senators blast Rand Paul for pushing government into brief shutdown

Senators from both parties attacked Rand Paul for his protest that forced the government into a shutdown.