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These 8 stocks are the best bets for investors looking to crush the market and save the environment at the same time

The 2019 RBC Global Environmental, Social, and Governance Best Ideas list features the firm's picks for the best ESG investment opportunities.

The market’s biggest investors are making huge bets on these 10 ‘Gorillas of Growth’

The top growth funds are crowded in IT software and services, an over-owned industry according to analysts at RBC.

Nvidia’s ‘near-term setup is under pressure’ as SoftBank is reportedly looking to unload its stake

Nvidia's near-term trading dynamics are under pressure as Softbank is reportedly exploring a sale of its Nvidia stake for early next year, RBC says.
Ray Dalio, Sallie Krawcheck, and Brad Katsuyama.

Ray Dalio, Sallie Krawcheck, and Brad Katsuyama are coming to IGNITION 2018 — learn what it’s like to run the world’s biggest hedge ...

IGNITION 2018 will introduce you to established voices and rising stars in the world of financial innovation.

Tesla’s stock has become an ‘Elon sentiment gauge’

"Elon’s tone was generally improved vs. last quarter, which may seem trivial, but TSLA stock has become somewhat of an Elon sentiment gauge," RBC Capital Markets analyst Joseph Spak, told clients in a note Thursday morning.

RBC: These are the best tech stocks to own over the next decade

The bank hopes its ideas “will challenge executives and asset managers to think expansively and creatively as as they invest with an eye towards the next decade.”

A day in the life of a Wall Street strategist who wakes up at 5 a.m. to balance client calls with parenthood

As part of her daily regimen, Amy Silverman closely follows equity volatility related topics in order to relay them to the bank's clients as well as the media. She regularly appears on networks including CNBC and Bloomberg TV, as well as print and online publications discussing complicated stories.

RBC upgrades Walmart, says its ‘narrative continues to shift’

Amazon is forcing Walmart to innovate or die — RBC Capital Market says the innovation is paying off.
General Electric Chief Executive Officer John Flannery presents the company's new strategy and financial targets to investors at a meeting in New York.

RBC: GE’s turnaround won’t happen fast enough

GE's turnaround plan was announced on Monday. For Deane Dray, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, the plan isn't enough, and won't happen fast enough.
Marc Harris is the head of research at RBC Capital Markets.

We talked to the head of research at RBC Capital Markets about the storm headed for Wall Street

Investment research is plunging into uncharted waters with the rollout of MiFID II regulations in Europe next year. Here's how RBC Capital Markets is preparing.