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After a halt in production, one of the most scandalous shows on TV is returning tonight — here’s what ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ i...

Production on season four of "Bachelor in Paradise" had been halted due to a major scandal on the set. But it will premiere Monday.

LaVar Ball is getting his own reality show on Facebook

The gregarious and unabashedly confident father will reportedly be bringing his family and the Big Baller Brand to reality television, according to Deadline.

There’s one really good thing to come out of the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal

Very few people will come out of the "Bachelor In Paradise" scandal unscathed, but changes could be good for the franchise and reality TV as a whole.

The ‘smoking gun’ that led ABC to suspend ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ after an alleged sex scandal

One reality television veteran says the real reason "Bachelor in Paradise" was suspended amid a sex scandal lies with producers.

Everything we know about the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ sex scandal that could kill the show

The controversy surrounding "Bachelor in Paradise" mars the reputation of ABC's successful "Bachelor" franchise. Here's how it all went down.

Ryan Seacrest will probably take a pay cut to host the revived ‘American Idol’

ABC reportedly won't match the $15 million salary Ryan Seacrest made while hosting "American Idol" at Fox.

Stephen Colbert talks to ‘Melania Trump’ about how she’s settling into the White House

Actress Laura Benanti plays Melania Trump once again and gives the "Late Show" host a look at her move into the White House.

The first ‘Biggest Loser’ shares the key healthy eating tip he wishes he’d learned earlier

In 2005, Ryan Benson was crowned the first "Biggest Loser." The show grew into a multi-million-dollar franchise, but few contestants saw long-term success.