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UBS’ CEO warns this is ‘one of the worst’ markets in years

UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti blamed a terrible market backdrop for lower investment banking and global wealth management revenues in the first quarter.

A closely watched outlook just predicted US economic growth is about to crawl at a ‘near-recession pace’

The UCLA Anderson Forecast, a widely watched and often-cited economic outlook, says that US growth will slow to 1.7% in 2019, and 1.1% in 2020.

Goldman Sachs flagged 5 ‘pockets of risk’ that could spark a recession

Goldman Sachs flagged bonds, leveraged loans, auto loans, student loans and commercial real estate as 'pockets of risk' for the US economy.

Two key recession signals in the bond markets are nearing crisis levels

An inverted US yield curve and negative bond yields in Europe could signal an impending recession.

A bizarre series of events has caused havoc for recent economic data and a headache for forecasters

Forecasts for the number of jobs created each month haven’t been this off in more than two and a half years, a Business Insider analysis found.

Everyone is suddenly worried out about the soaring number of Americans who are falling behind on their auto loans — but the freak-out makes no s...

The number of Americans who are more than 90 days late on their auto loan payments hit 7 million, but that's no reason to worry about the US economy.
The Grim Reaper's scythe is near.

A widely-watched survey of economists has set its date for the next US recession

Around 10% of economists see a recession hitting this year, 42% see a recession in 2020, and 25% expect it to happen in 2021, the survey said.

A recession signal with a multi-decade track record is cropping up again, and it has Wall Street on standby for the next crisis

A group of high-profile strategists say the Fed has planted the seeds for the next recession.

‘Stoned on free money’: Wall Street is cautioning investors to beware of late-cycle risks around the world

Many on Wall Street are advising their clients to be mindful of the risks that come with investing at a late stage in the economic cycle.
Investor concerns Bank of America Merrill Lynch

BAML: Investors are freaking out about the rising prospect of a global recession

Recessionary risks are top of the pile for investors with fears about growth front and center, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey.