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US President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable discussion about the Republican $1.5 trillion tax cut package he recently signed into law on April 16, 2018.

One of Trump’s biggest accomplishments could make the next recession worse

It's 'happy hour' in America, the firm says, and a hangover is coming.

A key recession signal is back at levels last seen during the financial crisis

The yield curve has narrowed to a point not seen since right before the start of the Great Recession.
President Donald Trump

Trump’s latest move could be a sign of looming economic pain

President Trump slapped a tariff on washing machines and solar panels on Monday, but the move could have serious negative consequences.
Byron Wien

Investing guru Byron Wien breaks down why market bears will be dead wrong for a few more years

"My belief is that we're not going to see a bear market or a recession until at least 2019."

Trump seems hell-bent on bringing back an economic horror we haven’t seen since the 1970s

OPINION: What if prices rise but wages do not? That's a scenario we haven't seen since the 1970s but could if President Donald Trump gets the tariffs he wants.

CREDIT SUISSE: The UK is ‘flirting with recession’ and it could begin by the end of the year

"We have estimated a number of models that put the chances of a recession in the UK in the next six months in a 25%-38% range," analysts from the bank argue.

The Fed often starts worrying about an overheating economy ‘just as the recession it never sees is about to start’

"It seems as though the Fed’s preoccupation with inflation also tends to peak just as this becomes yesterday’s story."

It’s ‘highly possible’ Scotland is heading for a recession and could ‘take a sharp turn for the worse’ if Brexit goes ba...

'Should upcoming Brexit negotiations go badly, then Scotland's economic prospects could take a sharp turn for the worse,' said the Fraser of Allander Institute.