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Plant-based ‘meat’ is conquering fast food. Here’s where you can get meat substitutes like the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Taco...

Plant-based burgers are coming into the mainstream. Here are the chains where you can buy the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger.
Red Robin plans to save millions of dollars but cutting jobs

America’s fast-food chains are contemplating replacing minimum wage workers with robots — and it could lead to a crisis

Minimum wage increases are sending shock waves across the fast-food industry.

The 20 best chain restaurants in America

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5 restaurant chains that will dominate in 2017

Analysts at the ICR Conference are betting that these five restaurant chains will soar in the new year.

Restaurant chains need to stop adding this disgusting ingredient to menu items

Chains including Red Robin and Burger King are trying to jump on the viral mac n' cheese trend — but when do things get too cheesy?