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Reddit’s traffic is surging amid the coronavirus pandemic as more people turn to online communities

Reddit told Adweek that the platform had experienced a recent surge in traffic and mobile app growth amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter are joining forces to fight coronavirus misinformation.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Reddit, and Twitter just said they’re working together to fight coronavirus misinformation

Facebook and other social-media companies are joining with health agencies to combat fraud and elevate accurate information about the coronavirus.
Ohanian sign Times Square.

Reddit’s cofounder took out ads in a nearly empty Times Square urging people to stay home

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian said that the idea of advertising on a billboard like this "just kind of popped in my head."

A Robinhood trader tells us how he raked in a 2,400% return in 5 days as coronavirus and oil hammered markets

After turning $5,000 into $123,000, the amateur investor said he might buy "a $100 bottle of scotch and a nice pair of cowboy boots."
Some people think Dúi resembles a cat.

A puppy went viral after people pointed out that he looks like both a cat and dog

Photos of the puppy were posted on Reddit, and they quickly went viral after users pointed out that Dúi looks a bit like a cat.

People are turning to Reddit to try to get coronavirus diagnoses amid test shortages

Posts titled "Do I have coronavirus?" have been popping up across a number of subreddits over the last two months.

Reddit ran wild with Boston bombing conspiracy theories in 2013 and is now an epicenter for coronavirus misinformation. The site is doing almost nothi...

Reddit users have used the platform to find and share coronavirus news, but it still doesn't show verified information from officials like the CDC.

Reddit and Twitter users are lashing out at Robinhood’s back-to-back service outages. Here’s what they’re saying.

"The only functioning part of the app is being able to see how much money I'm losing/could be cashing out on," one Reddit user wrote.
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman.

Reddit’s CEO described TikTok as ‘parasitic’ and ‘spyware’

Reddit's boss is one of the few Silicon Valley execs to openly criticize TikTok.
Denise Esktrand poses with her daughter's childhood drawing.

A mom hilariously recreated her daughter’s childhood drawing with makeup: ‘I still look the same’

Denise Esktrand used makeup to recreate the portrait her daughter made more than 10 years ago. The spot-on photo is going viral.