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11 fishing horror stories that will make you want to stay on land

Fishing is something lots of people love to do, but some people have encountered scary experiences along the way. Here are some scary fishing stories.

A guy accidentally proposed to his girlfriend while conked out on sleeping pills and doesn’t remember a thing

Redditor u/oprayerman shared a cautionary tale about sleeping pills on the TIFU sub on Tuesday.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacks The Daily Caller for publishing ‘a fake nude photo of me’

The conservative outlet published an image of a woman bathing under a headline that implied it could show Ocasio-Cortez.
In this world, the Coach decides when your relationship ends.

A Reddit user has created a dating app based on an episode of ‘Black Mirror’

In the episode 'Hang the DJ,' people are matched together but their relationship is given an expiration date.

10 of the wildest things airport employees have seen on the job

Airplane travel is always a bit of an adventure so of course, these airport employees have seen some pretty wild things.
Arguing on a first date isn't a good sign.

A student refused to pay for his date’s meal after she ordered lobster and a $90 bottle of wine, and she wasn’t happy about it

The text exchange was shared on Reddit, where users commented that he's better off without her.

A pregnant woman sought advice after her husband insisted on naming their baby after ‘the one who got away,’ and people are livid

A post on the relationship advice subreddit went viral after a woman said her husband wanted to name their baby after his ex.
Believe it or not, pineapples take two years to grow.

17 facts that sound fake but are totally true

There are certain facts that are so staggering or downright strange that they sound completely made up. Here are some of the most surprising ones.

10 times people were blown away by Pixar’s attention to detail

From "Up" characters in "Ratatouille" to sneaky references in "Toy Story," here are hidden Disney Pixar easter eggs and details you missed.
For these brides, the day wasn't about them.

12 times couples were upstaged at their own weddings

In these 12 cases, wedding guests took it upon themselves to make the wedding all about them.