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The 11 iPhone apps I couldn’t live without

Your favorite iPhone apps might be way different than mine, but these are the applications I swear by, and honestly couldn't really live without.

HBO’s latest Westworld trailer features Singapore’s ‘futuristic’ Marina One Residences – and it was another redditor who...

Blink and you might miss another familiar Singapore landmark in the newest Westworld trailer.
An Uber driver's hilarious "ride menu."

An Uber driver made a hilarious ‘ride menu’ for his passengers, offering everything from ‘life lessons’ to complete silence

If you find yourself in Fairbanks, Alaska, you can opt for trips including "The Road Rage Ride" and "The Simon and Garfunkel Ride."

13 simple ways to get better at small talk

Small talk is widely detested — but also hard to avoid. Use these tips for making casual conversation so you can feel less awkward.

Walmart employees are terrified after the company fired an employee for posting confidential information to Reddit

The Walmart employee's firing has led to an 'explosion' of calls for unionization and some workers are deleting their Reddit posts.

Reddit went down for thousands of users on Thursday morning

Thousands of people received error messages when visiting Reddit on Thursday morning, based on reports from social media and Downdetector.
The Reddit community that pulled off this Google bomb is a splinter group of the spoiler-averse main "Game of Thrones" groups called "/r/Freefolk."

Angry ‘Game of Thrones’ fans ‘Google-bombed’ the show’s creators so that their photo now shows up when you search for &#...

Some "Game of Thrones" fans were so disappointed in the show's final season that they "Google bombed" the show's co-creators.

Reddit has ‘quarantined’ one of the biggest communities of Trump supporters on the internet, citing ‘threats of violence against pol...

The r/The_Donald subreddit has been "quarantined," meaning it won't appear in search results or recommendations, or generate revenue.
Gotta catch 'em all.

More than 52,000 people voted for their favorite Pokémon in a massive online survey, but a few got 0 votes. These are the Pokémon that nobod...

A massive survey of Reddit users on r/Pokémon has given us an intriguing look at which Pokémon the internet can't stand.
There's a lot you may not know about In-N-Out.

An In-N-Out employee reveals 10 secrets you never knew about the burger chain

From secret menu items to what it's like to work at the chain, an In-N-Out employee reveals all about the popular fast food chain in a Reddit AMA.