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President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump assigned a task force to investigate cryptocurrency fraud

President Donald Trump has assigned an official task force to investigate the pervasive fraud within the cryptocurrency industry, among other kinds of fraud.
The island of Malta has warmly welcomed the blockchain industry.

A bitcoin billionaire is quietly building the world’s first decentralized bank on this tiny, idyllic island

Plans for the world's first decentralized, community-owned bank are taking root in Malta. The project has already received backing from both Binance and Malta's government.

A British watchdog looked into ads that said the iPhone camera was ‘studio quality’ — and Apple won

The Advertising Standards Authority, a British regulator, took a look at Apple's "Portrait Mode" ads for the iPhone after two complaints. And last week, it announced that Apple can safely make the claim that the iPhone X can take "studio quality portraits without the studio."

The maker of LaCroix claims it’s seeing ‘growth never before thought possible’ — now it’s under scrutiny from regulators...

LaCroix's parent company National Beverage is coming under pressure from regulators amid claims that it's achieving "growth never before thought possible." Regulators want details around two proprietary measures that National Beverage has cited repeatedly in filings.
Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren says there’s a dirty little secret behind the Republicans’ push for broad deregulation

"Deregulation is code for 'let the rich guys do whatever they want,'" Warren said during a keynote speech at Georgetown University Law School.
The Titanium homepage, above, allegedly made claims about business relationships that did not exist, according to the SEC.

The Feds just charged a ‘blockchain evangelist’ who raised $21 million while claiming to work with Disney and Apple

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc. is the latest cryptocurrency company charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission
Barack Obama and Okta founder CEO Todd McKinnon

Obama sounds off on the need for Silicon Valley tech companies to be regulated and improve the way they handle data breaches

Former president Barack Obama said on stage at an Okta conference in Las Vegas that both tech companies and lawmakers in Washington need to be more "proactive" in figuring out "a framework" for future regulation.

The GOP just dealt another blow in their steady unraveling of Obama’s legacy

President Donald Trump and the GOP haven't been able to erase former President Barack Obama's legacy completely, but they're doing their best to chip away at his major achievements like the Dodd-Frank Act and Obamacare.
House Speaker Paul Ryan

Congress quietly passed the largest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis

The House voted on the biggest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis. While the bill would change many regulations for regional and community banks, analysts say it is not a total dismantling of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Google-parent Alphabet is slipping ahead of its earnings report

Wall Street is feeling optimistic about the search giant's earnings report.