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These photos show just how much global warming has devastated the Arctic in the 2010s.

29 photos show how climate change has ravaged the Arctic in the past decade

NOAA's Arctic Report Card warns that climate change is transforming the Arctic. These photos show its dire effects on the region so far this decade.
A copywriter for Montgomery Ward came up with the story of Rudolph.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has a festive retail origin story

Now-defunct department store chain Montgomery Ward played a crucial role in helping the story of the fictional reindeer soar.
A (different) white reindeer in the snow.

A rare white reindeer calf was spotted in Norway, and even ‘posed’ for pictures

'It was a very special moment, felt so magical! We looked straight into each other's eyes.'
Dead wild reindeer are seen on Hardangervidda in Norway, after lightning struck the central mountain plateau and killed more than 300 of them in 2016.

Over 300 reindeer were struck by lightning in the same spot in Norway, and their carcasses have had a surprising effect on the landscape

More than 300 reindeer in southeast Norway died when they were struck by lightning two years ago. Their carcasses may end up boosting plant diversity as scavengers drop feces containing seeds near the dead animals, according to a study published last week.

There’s a scientific reason why reindeer antlers are so tough

Researchers have been curious why deer antlers don't break during fights with other deer.

Reindeer are still very radioactive 30 years after Chernobyl

Chilling photos of Norway's "radioactive reindeer."